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Aerodrome Gostilitsy: You do not fly?

Aerodrome Gostilitsy. You may not fly?


On my last visit, and it was in the year 2009, airfield Gostilitsy appeared to me like a slightly older version of the well-kept farming. area Soviet times. Several buildings, about 10-14 aircraft. An old strip paved in 70-ies of parking and taxiways.

Aerodrome Gostilitsy 1

Golf Gostilitsy 2009-2010 years


For those who do not know what selhozaviatsii, I will build a small digression into the recent past of our country.

Everybody knows the name of the "corncob", sometimes referred to as all small planes. But in fact, the nickname "corncob" clung to the aircraft that pollinate agricultural fields collective and state farms, protecting them from pests. And doing this routine work, the veteran aviation aircraft An-2.

For selhohrabot near fields built a small platform. The band 400-450h20 meters, parking for a couple of "Annushek" taxiing and containers for storage of chemicals and gasoline. Sometimes, some of them set standard hangars, storage equipment. The personnel of these field sites consisted usually of one or two pilots and technicians. In the season of field work, they are almost always on the court. According to his acquaintances pilots and technicians, despite the really hard work, airmen loved trips to the field.

An-2, workaholic, had a well equipped wing, the scheme had a biplane. Flaps, slats, powerful engines, allowing "Annushka" literally take off and Piglet, and unfold, as they say around its tail.

That way, a 70-ies, we have inherited from the Soviet model aviahimicheskie platforms, typical proportions.

Map AOPA (and this is the interregional public organization of pilots and owners of aircraft who do not know), and so, on the map, I counted more than 20 former sites AChRs (chemical works) existing or reconstructed at this stage. A derelict, former sites, I counted more than 60! So there is still a backlog for the development of GA in our field.

And, perhaps, the airfield Gostilitsy most successfully developed area in our region.

Gostilitsy airfield 2

Golf Gostilitsy September 2015


Driving directions to the airfield "Gostilitsy"

1. By car from St. Petersburg to drive on the ring road in the direction of Kronstadt. On the Ring Road will exit Gostilitsy highway. Further along the highway Gostilitsy should go to the airport Gostilitsy (near the village Gostilitsy).
2. By public transport can be reached by taxi from the station 639A m. Ex. Veterans. Bus rides to the village Gostilitsy. The airfield is located within walking distance of the village - about 1 km.

Gostilitsy airport how to get

Golf in Gostilitsy each year to develop and modernize. Acquires new hangars, residential buildings.

After reading the next message in the news about the festival AEROLETO 2015, and the championship of St. Petersburg on the aircraft sports, I still decided to get to the airport and to look at the changes occurred over the years.

I have to say, I was surprised by what he saw and was impressed. I met quite airfield European (or American) type for small aircraft.

4 neat new taxiway along the entire length of the strip. 5 taxiway leading to a large site with a hangar at the opposite side of the runway. The band and the track are marked. At stops, too taxing for marking according to the rules. More 40 BC units, not counting those that were in the hangar.

On the territory is neat, two-storey, comfortable hotel. Cafe for visitors and staff. The cafe is not just a cup of coffee or tea, but also very close to eat a good dinner.

Gostilitsy airfield 2

A cozy cafe, with aviation entourage and souvenirs has to rest. 

Safety and ground safety on-site, pay close attention to its leaders Oleg Fedorov and Vladimir Article. And for this to be done.

Despite the fact that I have long been familiar with many pilots and technicians, to the territory of parking and hangars, for photography, I just could not get there. The fact that the working area of ​​the airport, aprons, hangars, taxiing fenced grid. In order to get there need an electronic key and a bright green vest airport personnel.

Gostilitsy airfield 34

Here it is, the door to the cherished dream.

At the site in Gostilitsy all strictly ordered. Come guests with a girl in green vest, show them a cafe and lounge area, where you can comfortably and safely wait for their turn to fly and watch the takeoffs and landings of aircraft. Waiting their turn, visitors, along with their accompanying girls go to the entrance gate, where they are greeted by a designated driver. He receives visitors and guides them to the parking lot. All clear, orderly and safe.

After landing and taxiing into the parking lot, the pilot escorts fly people back to the exit from the territory of the parking lot.

Gostilitsy airfield 32

Entrance to the coffee shop and gift shop. Guests relax.

Gostilitsy airport

Ground staff you all the details and popularly explain.

Gostilitsy airfield 34534

Pending "his" pilot and his flight.

Me, who has seen a lot of sites in the Leningrad region, pleased as cleanliness, organization, a large number of different techniques on parking and hangar.

Refueling of all equipment is carried out on a specially equipped central locking system (centralized refueling), which is located at some distance from the sites and hangars on the edge of the airfields. Everything is clean, fast and civilized. The plane taxis to the CZ (by the way, if I had not been told that it was a gas station, I would hardly have guessed it myself), a gas gun goes from a special box, gas station is being made, everything is retired and ready. 

Gostilitsy airfield 3432445

Refuelling aircraft.

I was very pleased with the variety of technology. Recreational aircraft, aerobatic flight, business flight aircraft, amphibians. Autogyros, helicopters, delta. 

Gostilitsy airfield 345345436

In the background aerotruba.

Gostilitsy airfield 324234

Whether an ant, or a dragonfly, but the flies, that's for sure.

For hangars in the parking lot, I saw a completely unique aircraft: Cessna 337 Super Skymaster. The US Air Force had a 337-th military profession and designated as O-2. He performed observation flights, and chasing smugglers in the jungles of Latin America.

Gostilitsy airfield 34324

In anticipation of Russian "registration".

Gostilitsy 4354

Preflight preparation Yak-52

Pilot Dmitry Nemchinov - head of operations.

The sanctum sanctorum of any aerodrome - UPC

The sanctum sanctorum of any airfield-UPC

Without much delay, I received permission to fly in a circle for the filming of the aerodrome from the air. The "pass" I met my old friend, too, the pilot Alexei Kirilov.

pilot Alexei Kirilov

Pilot Alexei Kirilov to the cadet.

Run, request the permission for taxiing RP ("panoramic circling the press," it was to be with me, wonderful to hear ...), we took the "executive". Himself off I did not even feel the pro-Alex, and for him it's just a walk. We made the left box above the ground. At my request, Alex laid the right turn, for greater convenience when shooting. Minutes 10-15 quite enough to make the necessary me a photo.

When prompted for a landing, we land softly, zarulivaem parking. It's simple and ordinary as to be professionals. Alex brings me to the territory of the "gates".

Near the hangar I met Vladimir Ivanovich Article, director, founder of the site and chief pilot. Although busy with the current flight and land affairs, Vladimir took the time to talk with me.

Vladimir Article

Vladimir Article, quickly resolve issues.

Despite the economic crisis, Vladimir Ivanovich is optimistic about the prospects for the further development of the Gostilitsa site. The plans extend the band to 1200 meters, for the adoption of business aviation aircraft, the so-called business jet. For this, the entire infrastructure of the airfield is modernized. The site can be used as a hopping aerodrome, or as a permanent airfield for light business jets. The hangars are equipped with everything necessary for routine maintenance, maintenance and repair. There are all necessary permits and licenses. There are on the site and fuel for the "jets" and licensed equipment.

The band (eventually) will be equipped with modern lighting equipment. The possibility of establishing a unified system of tracking the movement of the sun in the air, and in parking lots.

In general, one of the best airports of the Leningrad region, thanks to the efforts of its founders, the attention and support of the administration Len field, lives, develops and holds great promise for the future.

Gostilitsy airfield 222Gostilitsy airfield 222 3Gostilitsy airfield 222 34

Gostilitsy airfield 222 5Gostilitsy airfield 222 6Gostilitsy airfield 222 7

Gostilitsy airfield 222 4545Gostilitsy airfield 222 456546Gostilitsy airfield 2223434

Valery Smirnov specifically for

And how there Kocharygin already released or how?

Nice and cool, that kept the airfield and small green dragonfly on like this gyroplane. Who knows the brand and who released unsubscribe - interesting specimen.


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