Aeroflot "plays" with the air transport market
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Aeroflot "plays" with the air transport market

Aeroflot "plays" with the air transportation market

At the end of the year 2015, the Russian air transportation market, there have been significant changes. First and foremost, of course, this is due to the departure of a major player - private airline "Transaero". Perhaps years later, experts and analysts of air transport in the country, will be able to tell us about the real underlying reason of this strange case. In the meantime, there are several different versions of bankruptcy "Transaero".

The last months of autumn and early winter were marked by a number of interesting developments in the country's civil aviation. And above all it is connected with our national carrier.

«aeroflot"Which ultimately was the initiator of" Transaero "bankruptcy, expected to seize part of the park in bankruptcy, and to take the bulk of the routes. Instead, the national carrier promised to take all the passengers of "Transaero", and employ a large part of the personnel of the bankrupt. And if the first promise of "Aeroflot" at the very least on the right (in this company was involved not only the state-owned company, but other carriers of the country), with the second promise there are some pads.

by "Aeroflot's" Employment

In a press release issued to the media, even 30 October, the carrier's management promised to employ 6060 employees have withdrawn from the market of the company. Further, according to the same press release, made changes in the staffing of "Aeroflot", and open 2000 vacancies.

According to Rostrud, at the beginning of November 2015, the number of Transaero employees was 10 employees, and the promised places "Aeroflot" is a little more than half of the total State AK bankrupt. Notice of these 961 employee was either on maternity leave or leave to care for a child.

The site has Rosaviation 3102 job for former "Transaero" workers, virtually all specialties. But this, too, is not enough. And there is no guarantee that the experts again to get a job.

RIA Novosti, referring to the statement of Federal Air Transport Agency, reported that at the beginning of December were employed 57 pilots, flight attendants and 607 50 people of other specialties. And it's more than 6000 person staff of a bygone!

The chairman of the trade unions "Transaero Airlines" Ruben Yabluko, in a letter to the Federal Air Transport Agency of 25 November wrote that the only 78 employees recruited in "Aeroflot" and 250 in JSC "Russian." In the same letter he pointed out that more than 10,5 thousand. Employees do not receive cash payments since 27 October, ie since the revocation of the operator certificate.

But the AK property of a bankrupt, has successfully divided among mostly "daughters" of "Aeroflot".

What if the association has a lobby?

On December 4, the Aeroflot group of companies announced its withdrawal from the Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT). AEVT was founded in 1991 as an organization uniting civil aviation enterprises. It develops and implements a unified GA policy. The 28 largest airlines are now members of the association, accounting for 80% of all air traffic. Apparently, with the departure of the largest player, AK Transaero, Aeroflot and his family have no need for a collegial solution of their problems. Withdrawal from Aeroflot AEVT means that the AK can independently defend its major interests. Especially now, when actually half of the air transportation market belongs to it. The most profitable destinations, including seasonal, resort foreign ones.

But it is not so bad

Vladimir Tasun, Transport Operators Association President, I am sure that with the departure of "Aeroflot" association she will be better able to defend their members' interests, without taking into account a major player.

On December 1, the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation Igor Artemyev told reporters that the agency was not satisfied with the inflated prices for transportation of AK Aeroflot, immediately after Transaero left the market. Official claims of monopoly can hardly be made. Everything will cost by negotiations with the top managers of the company. Moreover, the next day Aeroflot shares fell by almost 5% on the market.

On December 5 2015, the Institute introduced the FAS primary prevention without penalties and fines. But by December 10 leadership "Aeroflot" has announced a New Year campaign. The cost of tickets for the period from December to 14 26 March on domestic flights decreased to 10%. Hard to say what impact such a decision, verbal warning of FAS, or simply estimates of economists. We should also take into account the fact that the Anti-Monopoly Service may block the decision to transfer the best routes "Transaero", "Aeroflot".

Compare the cost of a \ to 16.12 2015 return tickets skyscanner:

Moscow - Novosibirsk: there 16.12 back 17.12

1. Aeroflot 16 500 p.

2. Red Wings 20 334 p.

3. S7 Airlines 12 619 p. The cheapest

4. Turkish Airlines 253 916 p.

5. Ural Airlines 13 766 p.

6.UTair 32 268 p.

7. Uzbekistan Airways 74 p.

8. VIM Airlines 13 p.

9. Yamal Airlines 31 p.

10. Combinations of airlines 14 310 rubles.


Moscow - St. Petersburg: there 16.12 back 17.12

1. Aeroflot 3 900 p.

2.airBaltic p30 679

3. Belavia 18 p.

4. S7 Airlines 3 p.

5. Ural Airlines 2 p. The cheapest

6. UTair 4 260 p.

7. Combinations of airlines 3 435 p.


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