"Aeroflot" buys "Transaero". Cause and effect.
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"Aeroflot" buys "Transaero". Cause and effect.

"Aeroflot" buys "Transaero". Cause and effect.

News that the group of companies "Aeroflot" intends to acquire 75% stake in Russian airline "Transaero", literally shook the entire Russian civil aviation. Experts see this as not only a positive effect, but clearly negative factors that are not the best way affect the entire sphere.

Airline "Transaero"Is one of the largest air carrier in Russia, and despite the large amount of indebtedness to direct creditors, the air carrier managed to establish its effective activity in six months, gradually reducing the amount of debt. Nevertheless, the fleet of the air carrier has a large number of aircraft that make regular flights to dozens of destinations, carrying millions of people annually. Experts do not exclude that it was because of such factors that Aeroflot's board of directors drew attention to this carrier, however, after the final joining of Transaero to Aeroflot, experts believe that very big problems can begin.

The monopolization of services

According to preliminary estimates by specialists, as soon as Transaero becomes part of the Aeroflot group of companies, the passenger transportation market will be almost completely monopolized. By the most conservative estimates, Aeroflot will control about 50% of the market for the provision of air transportation services in the country. Dumping prices, a large expanded route network, as well as modern aircraft will be able to almost completely oust other carriers from the market, most of which are currently experiencing far from the most optimistic prospects.

Such actions on the part of "Aeroflot" in the future may lead to a definite increase in the price of air transport services, and given that the market will actually be monopolized, civil aviation of the Russian Federation may simply come into disrepair, although at the moment, is nothing more than a guess.

Huge reductions

Taking into account the fact that today Aeroflot and Transaero Airlines are the country's largest air carriers, and they often work on the same routes, it is worth assuming that the board of directors will want to provide the most positive effect from the air carrier's work, In connection with which, we should expect a reduction in flights on a number of routes, and as a consequence, a reduction in airline staff. Experts believe that the actual purchase of the airline Transaero will lead to its complete "dissolution", thus providing favorable conditions for the activities of only one air operator, which is typical for any market.

"Vyshibaniya" competition

Based on the fact that the sphere of influence of the Civil Code "Aeroflot" will be about 50% of the total market of services air traffic is expected that further activities will be aimed at the confusion existing competitors, and it is primarily these carriers as "UTair","VIM-Avia»Etc., which at the moment due to a crisis situation hardly remain afloat. Lower prices and an intensively developed route network simply will not allow the underlying companies to develop, as a result of which they will simply withdraw from the service market, thereby expanding the scope of providing services to Aeroflot GC to 65-75%.

In fact, it's the same monopolization, but with a slightly different effect and characteristics.

Optimization of civil aviation

Nevertheless, some experts see the purchase of Transaero’s Aeroflot company and the positive effect, in particular, when controlling most of the market, it will be much easier for one air carrier to optimize existing routes and the entire Russian civil aviation industry. Naturally, this will lead to an increase in the quality of services provided, lower prices for air tickets and the intensive development of the route network of the air carrier, which in turn will have only a beneficial effect.

Whatever it was, I can only hope that the committed transactions will be effective, and bring in the Russian civil aviation greater positive effect than negative.

Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro

Transaero is the best company for the price of tickets and the quality of service in the sky and on the ground, the airline that flies at a time when others are sitting in portu.Ochen pity that good care and see for yourself that remains.