Annual report of Aeroflot
Aeroflot multiplied its net profit more than 2.5 times

June 28. Aeroflot's shareholders approved a 25% increase in shares last year, doubled dividends and elected a board of directors.

In particular, it is noted that the profit of the air carrier Aeroflot, as compared with 2012, increased by 265 per cent over the year and totaled just under 11.1 a billion rubles. However, according to representatives of the airline, this milestone is far from the limit, and with the best forecast in 2014, the company's net profit should increase by 2013% compared to 300. In addition, almost 2 times increased dividends and amounted to slightly less than 2.5 rubles per share "Aeroflot" company.

As for the new board of directors, that there were 6 former members, and also appeared a number of new, including those proposed by the Government.