Aerokon INSPECTOR-402 Multipurpose lightweight UAV
Aerokon INSPECTOR-402 Multipurpose lightweight UAV

Aerokon INSPECTOR-402 Multipurpose lightweight UAV

At MAKS-2011 Zhukovska company "Aerokon" presented for review new projects drones, which complemented the range of "Inspector".

"Inspector-402» has a flight range of a record among Russian unmanned vehicles that fly on the motors. This drone is created on the airplane type: has a direct 4-meter wing span and a V-shaped tail. The device is multifunctional and can be used for a wide range of applications, especially useful for its use in the energy industry.

After conducting tests in TsAGI fuselage of the new UAVs began to show better aerodynamic qualities. Because of the work done UAV shows the best time and range - 5 400 hours and kilometers on the motor and 15 1200 hours and kilometers respectively FEP.

One of the options explored by UAV "Inspector-402» was arranged with an electric motor, which is driven by a hydrogen fuel cell, placed on the nacelle pylon. Financial liabilities for the implementation of the project has taken the "United Aircraft Corporation", but at MAKS-2011 alone were demonstrated fuel cells developed by the designers of the Kurchatov Institute.

The use of fuel cells based on hydrogen, which have a larger capacity compared with conventional batteries is to increase the duration of the flight of UAV to 10 hours motor.

The nacelle is also unmanned instrument payload. Considering the low mass limit, it can be represented by a variety of video and photographic equipment, depending on the customer's wishes.

UAV "Inspector-402» can embark on a chassis or on a parachute by releasing at the same time damping pad that protects the onboard equipment.

"Inspector-402» can be connected to a ground control station, which is unified for all the "inspectors". This has helped to simplify the complex. Flight tests were conducted on the eve of the apparatus air show MAKS-2011.

Aerokon INSPECTOR-402 Multipurpose lightweight UAV. Characteristics:

Modification   Inspector-402
Wingspan, m   4.00
Length m  
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   14
engine's type   1 PD ED
Power, hp   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   100
Practical range, km   400
Radius of action, km   25 – 40
Flight duration, min   5
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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