Aeronautica Lombarda AR AR
Aeronautica Lombarda AR AR

Aeronautica Lombarda AR AR

The onset of the aircraft began in Italy in 1942 year. It should be noted that in this country create an array of excellent aircraft, but because of the imperfect application of their tactics were a lot of losses during the war.

Unmanned bomber AR contributed to the rather complicated situation in the military arena and the large losses of aircraft. There have also been noticeable delay in the production of torpedo planes and bombers. In view of the situation it was decided to start the development of new unmanned bomber. Similar study was carried out in 1941 in the USSR in creating apparatus TB-3, as is known, the project did not succeed.

For the first time an unmanned version of the AR-79 Italians used to bombard the ships off the coast of Algeria, it happened 23.08.1942 years. After this, the leadership was thrown departure urgency of further development of the project. This was due to economical aspect, as used only once rather expensive multimotor heavy bomber was wasteful.

Still we decided to create a cheaper version, by highlighting 4,2 million lira. Design and manufacture of new machine took the company Aeronautica Lombarda, and became chief engineer A. Stefanutti. It is suggested that this constructor to make a new unmanned vehicle under the simplified scheme. For odd that the aircraft must be made of cheap materials and construction of the unit, it could produce more massively.

As a result, the AR car was made of wood and covered with canvas. The body of the machine was cigar-shaped, and the tail unit and wings were rectangular. This design made it possible to achieve stability in flight and ease of manufacture. The power plant was represented by an engine taken from a FIAT Br.20 aircraft. The landing gear system was retracted into the hull when it was taken off the strip. With all this, the device could carry two bombs weighing one ton each. A small part of the hull was allocated to a 700-liter tank and cockpit, where the remote control equipment was installed. It was possible to control the machine both vertically and horizontally. 

AR drone was not entirely unmanned, as the rise and guidance on the right course carried the pilot, who after the preparatory work machines jumped from a plane with a parachute. Then the machine itself followed the plotted course and dropped a bomb carried by a terrestrial radio controller. All this complicates the use of UAVs.

AR machine tests have been started since June 43-year Wenona on the airfield. Aircraft Tests have shown allegiance to the calculations of designers, because it had excellent flight characteristics, the downside was flawed remote control system, which was necessary to improve the transmission in serial production. By August of the same year he was made a pre-production version of the AR drone, which was absolutely ready to perform combat missions.

Yet the mass production of the device and the AR has not begun because of emergency surrender of Italy in autumn 1943 years. That is why the project was canceled. Even built car was destroyed on the ground of the country.

Aeronautica Lombarda AR AR. Characteristics:

Modification   AR
Wingspan, m   8.20
Aircraft Length m   14.10
Height, m   3.22
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft  
  maximum take-off   5460
engine's type   1 PD Fiat A.80 RC.41
Power, hp   X 1 1000
Maximum speed km / h  
Cruising speed, km / h  
Practical range, km  
Armament:   two 1000-kg bombs on the external load


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