Aeronautics DS AEROSTAR
Aeronautics DS AEROSTAR

Aeronautics DS AEROSTAR 

In 2000, the company "Aeronautics Defense Systems" was established reconnaissance UAV "Aerostar" on the base unit "Scout". According to the developers, it is used in the interests of the Israeli armed forces to control the situation in the Gaza Strip.

The device is equipped with a cost-piston engine having a capacity of 19,4 kW, and specific intelligence complex. With regard to control UAV onboard equipment and its power unit, it is delivered in the UMAS system that can be used on almost any UAV software with minor modifications. If you lose connectivity to the management station system enters the automatic mode returns to land and base.

Aerostar drones are used effectively Israeli traffic police to detect traffic offenders. Machinery police, equipped with video-Aeronautics, received a video device online.

The reduced version of the device ("Aerosky") can be used for training the operators, as well as a means of observation and reconnaissance of short-range. 

Aeronautics DS AEROSTAR. Characteristics:

Modification   Aerostar
Wingspan, m   6.50
Length m   4.40
Height, m   1.20
Weight, kg  
  Payload   50
  maximum take-off   200
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   1 x 26
Maximum speed km / h   80
Cruising speed, km / h   70
Radius of action, km   200
Flight duration, h   12 – 14
ceiling   5486


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