Airport (1970)
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Airport (1970)

(1970) Airport.


  • Genre: thriller tragikomediyny

  • Country: USA

  • Duration: 137 minutes

  • Director: George Seaton

  • Cast: Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Helen Hayes, Jacqueline Bisset, Jean Seberg, George Kennedy

Airport (1970) .1

BEFORE. Guerrero is a person with an upset psyche who is very well versed in explosives and its components. Recently, he and his wife Ines have been suffering from a lack of money, food, and clothing. Guerrero decides to receive insurance in the amount of $ 300 000 having blown up the plane of Trans Global Airlines, which is heading from Chicago to Rome. 

After the takeoff of the Boeing 707-320B, the crew will be informed that allegedly there is one terrorist on board and a woman without a ticket. The flight attendants by all means tried to take away the suitcase from Guerrero, but it closed in the toilet and detonated a bomb, after which a hole was formed in the aircraft fuselage. During the explosion, a pregnant girl was injured, who tried to stop the criminal. 

Airport (1970) 2


After the explosion happened depressurization of the cabin and the ship must return back to the airport of departure, but because of the weather conditions on the sole runway stuck Boeing 707 airlines Aeroméxico.



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