Airport Amundsen-Scott
Airport Amundsen-Scott

Airport Amundsen-Scott 


Airport Country: Antarctica

Airport Polar US Amundsen-Scott station.


Airport Amundsen-Scott Photo

Airport Amundsen-Scott Photo


  • Geographical location of the airport: near the polar station Amundsen-Scott (USA).

  • ICAO airport code: NZSP.

  • Runway Length: 3658 

  • Status: federal significance


During the polar day (October - February) operate several daily flights on cargo planes LC130Hercules, equipped skiing station Mc Murdo.

Resupply Mission collectively referred to as Operation Deep Freeze.

Carrying capacity "Hercules" is regarded as a measure for the supply of technical and financial support to the station.


Airport Amundsen-Scott photo 2

Airport Amundsen-Scott Photo

Huge scientific structures, such as a station, are split into modular parts and assembled on site. Hercules' limitations were one of the main reasons for the creation of the South Pole-McMurdo ice highway for land deliveries to the station. This issue was dealt with by the US National Science Foundation.


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