Airport Anapa Vityazevo
Airport Anapa Vityazevo

Airport Anapa Vityazevo (Anapa Vityazevo Airport). Official site. 


Airport Anapa Vityazevo air hub is engaged in service of regional flights to and next to the Black Sea resort town of Anapa. The airport is classified as co-location, and is widely used not only by means of civil aviation and air means the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


History and development of the airport "Anapa Vityazevo"

Like most airports in the country, "Anapa Vityazevo" was originally designed exclusively for military use. Yet the first regular flights started to go back in the year 1934 from Anapa, Krasnodar (now Paszkowski).

As for the larger development of civil aviation in the airport, it began with the 1960 year. Regular flights were carried out by An-2 type aircraft to such cities: Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar. At this time, the number of airport employees was 10 people. 

The building of the air terminal "Anapa Vitiazevo" was built in 1965 year. At the moment this building is used as an ambulance station in the city. This year the airport began receiving more modern aircraft such as An-24, which were able to significantly expand the geography of air traffic. Thus, flights to Moscow, Donetsk, Sukhumi, Kharkov and Kerch became possible from Anapa. In summer, the flow of passengers increased significantly, because Anapa is a resort town. It is because of this that the airport was moved out of town. This also allowed the acceptance of large airplanes of the An-10 type. All vehicles began to make planting near the village of Vityazevo.

It is at this point in the year 1969 began to build a full-scale airport, which was named "Anapa Vityazevo." During the construction of the military insisted on creating long strips 2,5 kilometers.

It is worth noting that even at that time, passengers were given special attention. So the thousandth passenger of the airport "Anapa Vityazevo" was presented with a commemorative watch. This happened in September 1970. 

The first regular flight to the newly built airport made an An-24РV type aircraft in 1974. As for the official opening of the new air gates, it took place only in 1976 year. In the same year, a tragedy occurred in the airspace of the airport, two aircraft collided, namely the Yak-40 and An-24. It was a tragedy for the head of the airport Ya.G. Gapon, as a member of the crew of the Yak-40 was his son. 

From 1977, they began to take a passenger airliner Tu-154, which was released on postage stamps for a very long time against the backdrop of the Anapa Vityazevo airport. 

Another crash occurred in 1982, in which case the An-26 crashed with two passengers and six crew members. As a result of the fall, no one was able to survive. 

As of 1991, the airport "Anapa Vityazevo" made 6,8 thousand flights, while almost 440 thousand passengers were sent. Up to 52 flights could take off from the runway per day. In 1993 the airport was given international status. Austrian Airlines became the first foreign airline to work with the airport. 

The most difficult stage in the history of the airport is 1998 year, when the volume of received vessels and the number of passengers decreased in 2,5 times. This situation has improved only with the 2001 year. This year Siberia Airlines began active cooperation with the airport. Three years later, in 2004, "Anapa Vityazevo" was awarded the prize "Russian Olympus".  

The first regular Boeing on the airport appeared in 2006 year, and Airbus - in 2008 year. 

Since 2010, the Anapa Vityazevo airport has been closed for reconstruction and modernization as part of the Russian transport system development program. Nevertheless, technical flights were carried out. The resumption of work began in June 2011. 

In 2014, the airport “Anapa Vityazevo” became a private enterprise, in which the state shareholding is only 25,5%. In the same year, the millionth passenger was served. The revenue side in 2015 increased by 29% compared to the previous year. This year, he received the title of the best regional airport in Russia with a passenger turnover of up to two million per year. 

Regional Airport Anapa Vityazevo located approximately 15 kilometers from the city center, which gives easy access to it, moreover it can be done as an urban public transport, as well as using the services of private carriers.

The capacity of the airport terminals Anapa Vityazevo is about 400 people per hour.

Runway airport Anapa Vityazevo



Anapa Vityazevo Airport has at its disposal only one runway. Its length is 2500 meters, width is 45 meters, and cement concrete is used as a coating for the runway, which makes the airport suitable for servicing most passenger aircraft. The category of serviced ships includes aircraft of the type Tu-134Tu-154, Boeing 737, CRJ 100, An-148, etc., as well as helicopters of all types.

Serviced route network Airport Anapa Vityazevo


Because of its excellent location, the airport Anapa Vityazevo working with many Russian airlines, including «S7 Airlines», «Aeroflot", "Russia", "Nordavia" and others. Mainly Airport implements flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, etc. Most of the flights are seasonal, however, are made from the airport and he and scheduled flights.


Infrastructure Airport Anapa Vityazevo


Because the Airport Anapa Vityazevo refers to the resort town, the local infrastructure is well developed. Directly on the territory of the airport are located:

  • Restaurants, cafes and other places catering;
  • Superior Rooms;
  • Room mother and child;
  • Luggage storage;
  • Parking vehicles;
  • Shops and retail outlets.



In addition, close to the airport and hotels, allowing hundreds of people to take.

  1. Mini-hotel "Quiet Corner";
  2. Mini-hotel "Sun";
  3. Mini-hotel "Artsakh".



Other data:

  • Serves regional flights to the Black Sea resort of Anapa.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 45, longitude 37.35.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 4 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: AAQ.

  • ICAO airport code: URKA.

  • Internal code: ANA.


Airport Anapa Vityazevo on the map


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +78613343544.

  • Airport management phone: +78613333233.

  • Airport information phone: +78613398509.

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Anapa-7, Krasnodar Territory, Russia, 353447.


Airport Anapa Vityazevo. Official Website: No official website

Airport Anapa Vityazevo. Official site.


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