Airport - Arthur Hailey
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Airport - Arthur Hailey

Airport - Arthur Haley

"Airport" is a magnificent creation of the famous American writer, the author of many detectives Arthur Haley. In this novel, Haley narrates about the life of the airport: about the staff, about the different mechanisms of work that exist as a single complex organism, about the services that meet the airport earnings, about the passengers, and all those who are in some way related to the airport. In general, that, in one way or another, is directly or indirectly connected with the airport.

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Haley managed to create a number of parallel storylines that harmoniously complement each other. The novel describes the life of the airport, or rather a specific day, though it's impossible to call it an ordinary day: one of the planes gets a terrorist and drives an improvised explosive device. The airplane that suffers disaster is urgently needed to land, but this can not be done for a raging blizzard in the airport area. In addition to all the difficulties appear in the form of dispatchers, who barely cope with the huge amount of work, hundreds of disgruntled delays in passenger flights, and the arranged protest action in close proximity of residents against the intolerable noise issued by aircraft taking off only aggravates an already difficult situation. Very well described the work of the airport, while the author relieves readers of unnecessary complex technical details.

It also describes the characters perfectly: each character has its ownnot like other characters, while the characters are not divided into 100% into positive and negative, all have their pros and cons. This is another advantage of the novel: just like in real life, there are no absolutely bad or good people. The plot of the novel develops rapidly and each chapter ends, at the most intriguing point, which keeps constantly in suspense and I want to quickly start reading the next chapter. The intrigue remains until the very end of the novel, and it is not clear whether the story will have a happy ending. The author manages to impart a touch of tragedy at the very climax of the novel, at the time of the landing of the plane, goose bumps run from the description of these actions.

It should also be said about the appearance of the book, since it is no secret that the more beautiful the “packaging” is, the more likely it is that it will be bought. Hardcover, pages of dense excellent quality, large well-readable font.

In 90-years "Airport" was very populyaren.Imet this novel in the library dreaming of a home (you can tell-all) because they all lived in one breath in one was the dream of many poryve.Imet good home library!