Batumi Airport
Batumi Airport

Batumi Airport (Batumi Airport).

Batumi is one of the largest airports in the whole of Georgia. According to passenger Batumi ranks third among Georgia's airports. I must say that it stands as one of the main parts of Adjara region and the entire Georgian economy. These air gates take more than 100 thousand passengers, in most cases it is a rest from all over the world. Due to the flow of tourists Batumi Airport brings a great contribution to the country's economy.

Modernization of the airport, which was launched in 2005 year and lasted for two years, made it possible to put into operation a new terminal for receiving passengers. The area of ​​the new terminal is 3,9 thousand square meters, with the capacity of the terminal is able to receive 0,6 million people annually. The airport passenger runs 7 16 gates and check-in counters. The composition of the Batumi airport infrastructure includes waiting rooms, restaurants, shops, ticket offices, post office and much more, which allows passengers to expect more comfortable flights.

On the ground floor of the building Batumi airport works department of the Georgian bank, where you can carry out withdrawals or transfer money, in addition, you can receive or send a parcel, letter. The Bank provides recharge mobile phone account services, sale of lotteries and publications to read. The passenger departure area has a gift shop with a lot of national decorations and drinks.

The airport operates Referral Service, which is located on the ground floor, the staff help answer any questions passengers on a particular flight departure time and trip cost. Available service announcements on the loudspeaker at the airport.

To wait for flights Batumi Airport passengers enjoy a spacious and comfortable lounge, which employs storage, ATMs, kiosks, toilets. It is also equipped with a waiting room with a high comfort, are running room for children.

If you lose your baggage or belongings at the airport, you should immediately contact the service called "Lost And Found", which is located at the airport. Service staff in the shortest possible lines will find the lost luggage. 

Basic data of Batumi airport:

  • Airport country: Georgia.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 4 / + 4.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 41.6, latitude 41.61.
  • Geographical location: 2 kilometers south of the city of Batumi.


Batumi Airport (Batumi Airport). Official site: no. 

Batumi Airport (Batumi Airport) .2

Batumi Airport (Batumi Airport) .3


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: BUS.
  • ICAO airport code: UGSB.
  • Internal airport code: BUY.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Batumi, Republic of Adjara, Georgia, 394513.
  • City airport management telephone: +99522235511.



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