Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport (Bilbao Airport). Official site.

Bilbao International Airport is a large air harbor, located at 12 kilometers from the Spanish city of Bilbao. In 2017, Bilbao International Airport served 4 million 973 thousand passengers, which resulted in becoming one of the largest airports in Spain.

History of Bilbao International Airport

The first intention to build an airport near the Spanish city of Bilbao appeared at the end of 20-ies of the last century, and this air harbor was intended mainly for receiving and sending aircraft carrying various kinds of goods and mail.

In the middle of the 30, the construction of an airfield was completed, which began to be used extensively for the above purposes, but due to the promise of an air harbor, in a few years it was decided to improve the infrastructure of the airfield in order to service passengers.

Due to the lack of funds from the state budget, the construction of Bilbao airport was slow enough, and the project started in 1940, was completed only in 1948 year.

At the end of the 40-ies, the first passenger flights started from Bilbao airport, however, initially only the local airlines served the air harbor, which, incidentally, led to a sharp increase in the volume of passenger traffic.

In the middle of the 50-ies, the infrastructure of the Bilbao airport has undergone a lot of changes, in particular, the runways have been expanded and the terminal capacity has been increased, so the air harbor began to serve more passengers, carry cargo and mail.

The period from the 60 to the 80-ies affected the development of the air harbor infrastructure, in particular, it was about the appearance of new terminals, improvement of the runway, etc., which ultimately led to the attraction of airlines and the growth of passenger traffic.

Today, Bilbao International Airport is actively developing, as evidenced by the regular growth in passenger traffic.

Runways of Bilbao International Airport

At its disposal, Bilbao International Airport has two runways - an asphalt runway with an extent of 2000 meters and an asphalt runway with an extent of 2600 meters, which allows receiving and servicing large civil aircraft 2-4 class.

The international air harbor of Bilbao is equipped with platforms that allow servicing helicopters of all types and classes.

Infrastructure of Bilbao International Airport

Due to the constantly growing passenger traffic, Bilbao International Airport has a well-developed infrastructure, in particular, on the territory of the air harbor it is possible to find:

  • Banks, ATMs and payment terminals;
  • retail stores;
  • Shops souvenir products;
  • Duty free shops;
  • Catering facilities, cafes and restaurants;
  • Parking of motor transport;
  • Parking of public transport and taxi;
  • Car rental;
  • Room mother and child;
  • Superior Room;
  • Places for storing luggage.


How to get to Bilbao International Airport?

Bilbao International Airport has good transport connections to the nearest cities. In order to get to the airport you can use the services of scheduled bus services, or you can resort to taxi services.


Basic data of Bilbao airport:

  • Airport Country: Spain Bilbao Airport (Bilbao Airport). Official site..
  • The main international airport of northern Spain and the Basque country.
  • Year of the airport grounds: 1948.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 2 / + 1.
  • Latitude geographical 43.3, longitude geographic -2.91.
  • The geographical location of the airport: on 9 kilometers towards the north of the city of Bilbao.
  • The number of airport terminals: 1.

Bilbao Airport (Bilbao Airport). Official sayt.1


Bilbao (Bilbao Airport). Official site:

Bilbao Airport (Bilbao Airport). Official sayt.2


The main airport codes:

  • IATA airport code: BIO.
  • ICAO airport code: LEBB.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airport: CarreteraAsua-Erletxess / n, 48150Sondika (Vizcaya), Spain.
  • City Airport Management Phone: + 34344869300.
  • City Airport Help Phone: + 34913211000.
  • Airport Fax: + 34944869843.
  • E. mail Airport:
  • Base airport are airlines: Vueling Airlines (Vyuling Airlines).




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