Voronezh Airport Chertovitskoe
Voronezh Airport Chertovitskoe

Airport Chertovitskoe Voronezh (Voronezh Chertovitskoye Airport). Official site.

Voronezh International Airport is a large enough air transport unit, engaged in service as regional flights of the Russian Federation and international flights in particular.

History of the airport

In February 1933 year was the first in Voronezh airport for civilian use. In the summer of the same year began the aircraft to service-5, following the route Moscow - Stalingrad, with a stopover at Voronezh airport.

In the period up to 1940, the poor state of the implementation of qualitative let GVPP flights. It was decided to transfer the civilian aircraft at a military airfield in the north of the city. After the war, the airfield was occupied solely for passenger traffic. In 1946 terminal was opened, as well as construction and service navigation services.

In 60-years of intensive aerodrome develop local air service and worked for the benefit of agriculture. They were received IL-14, IL-12, Yak-12, Li-2, An-2.
In 1964, the company became known as the Voronezh united squadron.

In 1971 year receiving aircraft launched a new airport in the vicinity of the village Chertovitskoe. The first plane will land at the new airport, was the An-24.

Before 1980-year Voronezh airport OA rapidly increase the number of its own fleet. There Tu-134, Yak-42, M-15. It was decided to modernize the paved runway. At one airport passes 400 passengers constantly working in peak load.

In 80-ies of passenger traffic year-over 1,3 million. The staff increases to 2000 people.

Starting with 1993 years, reduced the number of passengers in 4 times. The company is being privatized, and in the last days of the year on the basis of the airport there is OJSC "Airline" Voronezhavia "with a fleet of aircraft 59.

In 1995, the airport becomes international and route network comprises 20 foreign countries, mainly in the resort. In addition, the active internal network traffic.

In 2000, the airline Polet becomes the monopolist of the airport. Passenger traffic is running low, the number of employees is 480 people, the fleet consists of 9 aircraft. The infrastructure of the airport suffers without financial investments and wears to a critical condition.

In 2011 year it begins the gradual commissioning of the first phase of the reconstructed objects according to the state program of development.

With 2013, the airport management company are carried out by the Criminal Code "Aviaservice." It begins the second phase of reconstruction. Airport receives first aircraft "Boeing 737» Company "UTair".

In 2014 the airline «S7» introduces the program of flights from Voronezh to Moscow and back. World airlines are starting to work with the airport "Voronezh", opened flights to Barcelona, ​​Tunis, Salonika, Rhodes.

In 2015, the airport continues to implement the development program and gradually introduces the upgraded facilities of the airline.

According to data for the year 2013, Voronezh International Airport passenger traffic was 355 thousand. Passengers, and in the year the airport handled 2014 405 thousand. Passengers.

Runway international airport Voronezh

The airfield Voronezh (Chertovitskoe) has one runway with artificial turf, which was reconstructed in 2009 cover the replacement of lighting equipment. In 2017 it planned extension of the runway at 300 meters.

Airport Terminal in Voronezh

Erodrom allowed to receive the sun the following types:

  • An-2, 12, 24, 26, 28, 148;

  • TU-134, 154, 204, 214;

  • Yak-40, 42;

  • IL-76;

  • RRJ-95B (Sukhoi Superjet 100);

  • Embraer EMB-120, Embraer ERJ-145, Embraer ERJ-190 / 195;

  • Saab-2000, 340B;

  • ATR-42, 72;

  • CRJ-100 / 200;

  • BAE-125-700 / 800, BAE-146-300, BAE / AVRO RJ -85;

  • B 737-300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800; In 757-200, in 767-200, in 767-200ER;

  • A 319-100, A 320-100 / 200, A 321-100 / 200,

  • The helicopters of all types.

Infrastructure Voronezh International Airport

Voronezh International Airport has a well-developed and modern infrastructure. On the territory of air transport hub are:

  • Shops;

  • Free car park;

  • Room mother and child;

  • Hotel;

  • Hall of official delegations;

  • Restaurant and coffee shop;

  • Business center;

  • Currency exchange;

  • Branch for storage.

Just get to the international airport of Voronezh is possible through the use of:

Urban public transport:

  • Bus route number 120;

  • Taxi.

The route network of the airport Voronezh

Voronezh airport at night

Currently, Voronezh International Airport is working with airlines 16. Among them, the largest Russian carriers - «Aeroflot», S7 Airlines, «UTair", "RusLine", "Red Wings" and others. By next summer it is planned to fill this list for at least another ten new brands. The plans - construction of a new terminal with a design capacity of 3 million, expansion of the route network and range of services.

Airport Voronezh night

The route network at the end of the year was 2014 23 direction. One of the future goals of the airport - the expansion of the route network to destinations in 50 2020 year.

Driving and help Voronezh Airport

Basic data:

  • The international airport in Central Russia in the city of Voronezh.

  • Coordinates of the airport: latitude 51.81, longitude 39.23.

  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 4 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • The number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: VOZ.

  • ICAO airport code: UUOO.

  • Internal code: BPH.

Chertovitskoe Voronezh Airport on the map:

Contact details:

  • Phone fax: +7 (473) 255-35-66

  • e-mail: mail@voz.aero

  • Information service: +7 (473) 255-54-89

  • Cash airport: +7 (473) 247-94-45

  • Official site: http://voz.aero/

  • Mailing address: 394025, Voronezh Airport

Chertovitskoe Voronezh Airport. Official site.

Voronezh Airport Chertovitskoe schedule:

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