Airport for low-cost airlines. Rationales, Problems and Prospects
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Airport for low-cost airlines. Rationales, Problems and Prospects.

Airport for low-cost airlines. Rationales, Problems and Prospects.

Today it became officially known that the construction of an airport will begin on the territory of the Novgorod region, which will deal with the maintenance of low-costers. The airport will be built on the territory of the former military airfield, and, as expected, the work on the arrangement of the air transport hub will begin this year. Nevertheless, the specialists are very skeptical about this idea, assuming that the airport's appearance, of course, will have a number of positive points, however, in general, the overall efficiency of the air hub is unlikely to take place.

It is expected that the air company will be able to serve not only passenger traffic in Moscow, southern Russia, the Volga, Siberian and Ural federal districts, but it can also become an excellent transit point for cargo air transportation. Nevertheless, it is believed that, mainly, the appearance of the civil airport of Krechevitsa will be associated with the need to service the loukosterov, which caused a number of bewilderment among Russian experts, especially since at the moment there is only one low-budget airline on the territory of the country, and work for the future Is unlikely to be profitable.

There are a number of assumptions that the creation of a civil airport on the territory of the Novgorod region is primarily related to ensuring the interest of the Pobeda airline, which, as has learned before, intends to start operating flights on international air routes. This kind of transshipment base is a very effective solution, however, it should be clarified that the government of the country may in the near future plan to create several more local low-cost airlines to provide air connections both on domestic and international routes, which will allow for the establishment of nominal work. airport with workload indicators in 70-80%.

One of the concepts that might look like airport Krechevitsy

Another version of why the former military airfield may be established civilian air hub, is to ensure the most effective conditions for foreign airlines, as, in fact, this place is a straight air gateway to Western Europe and to the territory of Central Russia, in excellent suitable for both air cargo and passenger air transportation.

According to the published information, it became known that in the future airport will actively develop the infrastructure - there will be a hotel, a convenient supply of ground-based means of communication with closely located cities, warehouse terminals, which will certainly attract not only Russian air carriers, but also foreign ones, particular, it is possible that the new airline will be interested in Chinese airlines, who will be able to use the airport to later adjust their routes leading to Tran Europe.

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