Airport Gorno-Altaisk
Airport Gorno-Altaisk

Gorno-Altaysk Airport. Official site. 

The airport "Gorno-Altaisk" is located on a pretty picturesque plateau, which stretches along the Katun River. The Federal Highway M-52 "Chuiski", which links Russia and Mongolia, is just four hundred meters from the airport. The distance to the city of Gorno-Altaisk - 14 km.

With the advent of the operating Gorno-Altaisk airport, the history of aviation development in the Altai Republic began. The airline began to build in 1963 year. The cost of the whole project exceeded the amount of 1450000 rubles. In 5 years the airport "Gorno-Altaisk" began to be operated. Built runway length of 600 m could receive aircraft 4-class. 31 December 68-th year officially opened reception aircraft AN-2. In July 1972 year, the reconstruction of the band, which allowed to take the Yak-40. Regular daily flights began to Barnaul and Novosibirsk. In the same year, the airport received helicopters Mi-2 and Mi-8. Flights were opened to Ulagan, Balykchu, Artibash and back. A year later the airport "Kosh-Agach" was built. Since that time, 40-2 daily flights from Gorno-Altaisk airport to Kosh-Agach have been carried out on Yak-3 aircraft.

In 74, the Ust-Cox airport was reconstructed, which also made it possible to fly to Gorno-Altaisk and back on two flights a week. The opening of regular new flights allowed to increase passenger traffic in 2 times. But by the 90 years, the number of flights began to decline steadily. In 1995, they stopped altogether. 

OJSC Airport Gorno-Altaisk is considered the main air gate in the territory of the Republic of Altai. 15 years no regular shipments have been made. In 2010, air travel began to resume. In June, 2011, the new lines to Novosibirsk and Surgut opened. Between 2008 and 2011, the company purchased three new aircraft. In the same year, all ground support services were certified. In 2011, a reconstructed airfield complex was commissioned, which included runways with a length of 2300 m, aircraft parking areas and an apron. 

There is a new equipment:

1. Lighting equipment.

2. Lighting mast.

3. Landing system.

Today, the airport is capable of handling modern aircraft of the type "Boeing-737» (all types), "Airbus" (A320, A319), Antonov (AN-24, An-72, An-74, An-26), «Sukhoi Superjet 100 », ATR (42, 72), Yakovlev Yak-40, Ilyushin Il-114 and Tupolev (TU-204, Tu-154), helicopters of all types.

Major airlines and routes: KrasAvia - Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk; S7 Airlines - Moscow (Domodedovo Airport). 

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DATA Basic on airport:

  • Serves regional flights in the Republic of Altai Mountains

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 51.97, longitude 85.83.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 7 / + 7.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: 6 km west of the center of Gorno-Altaysk.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • ICAO airport code: UNBG.


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Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Телефон управления аэропорта: +7(38822) 2-21-96.

  • The press service of the airport: 8 (963) 511 48 85

  • Telephone information service and ticket office +7 (38822) 4-75-08, +7 (38822) 4-75-12

  • 649100, Altai Republic, Maiminsky district,. Mayma Airport


Airport Gorno-Altaisk. Official site:

Airport Gorno-Altaisk. Official site.

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