Kharkov Airport
Kharkov Airport

Airport Kharkov (Kharkov Airport). Official site.

Kharkov airport is 12,5 kilometers from the center of Kharkov in the south-east. The airport is considered one of the largest airports in Ukraine. He has the status of an international airport, and the documents referred to as the "Kharkiv (base)." The main tenant is the company group DCH.

The entire complex belongs to a second-class airports, which is able to take aircraft such as Airbus, Embraer, Douglas, Boeing, Tu-154, Yak-42, An-124 these and similar devices. Work manned helicopter landing site for all classes.


In the area where the airport is located, even in 1923 year was organized by the company called "Ukrvozduhput." The purpose of this enterprise was a regular passenger and cargo transportation using airplanes of the "Comet-2». From May 1924 year were established the first regular flights to Poltava, Odessa, Kirovograd. The first flight out of the country with the Kharkiv airport has been carried out in 1928, in Tehran.

Due to the development of the enterprise in the village of Sokolniki took transferring civilian airport outside the city to the village base. The airport started to operate in December 1932 years, its membership included a dirt runway and terminal building of two floors. By year 1936 the airport was the best in the entire USSR. The first time the existence of the airport, he served the aircraft and the passengers, who performed transit flights.

After the war, the airport station has been completely redesigned by the famous architect Elkinina and colleagues. It should be noted that the same building of the airport had been built in Lviv, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk. By 54-ninth year of the last century it has been completed the structure of the terminal, which differed pomp appearance.

At the beginning of the year 1970 Airport Kharkov quality service 600 thousand passengers and a 80-th year for the airport passenger figure reached in 1,5 million. Only in the years expanded area of ​​the city to the edge of the airport. Before 90-mi years it was begun construction of a new runway, but the collapse of the Soviet Union did not allow to complete these works.

In today's time Kharkiv airport is a very important and strategic airport in the territory of Ukraine. The current state of the airport is able to receive and maintain 1,6 thousand passengers per hour.

The airport has a territory of 20 thousand kilometers, it has a receiving terminal 3 liners. The main terminal is divided into two parts for both international and domestic flights. Features and advantages of the airport, you can call it that only it has a modern and automated system that handles luggage capacity reaches its target of 960 units per hour.

Since 2010, ground handling has been entirely performed by Swissport, a Swiss-owned company. This company provides transfer services and passenger check-in, also controls the loading and unloading of cargo and baggage from aircraft. In 2012, the most modern dispatcher tower among all airports in Ukraine was installed at this airport.

The recent reconstruction and modernization of the Kharkiv airport took him to a qualitatively higher level. The project of reconstruction were marked changes in the apron, runway and transformation of the area near the airport. The entire set of changes allowed to take ships of class C, B, A, and Class D, by prior agreement. In the year passenger traffic at the airport can reach the target of 1,5 million. The main sponsor of the repair work the company "New System".

Kharkov Airport cooperates with many airlines, which allow the set of regular and charter flights from this international airport. Domestic flights are directed to the largest cities of the country, but mainly external to the resort towns of the world.

Plane Crash

During the existence of the airport it was recorded 9 disasters. The first occurred in January 1946 year when the crashed passenger plane type Li-2, he was on his way to Moscow, but crashed soon after takeoff. Killed 5 23 people crew and passengers. In 18.03.1972 near the village of R. Lozovaya collapsed air aircraft An-10, which was flying from Moscow. The reason for failure was the separation of the wing when the circle. The accident claimed the lives of all the people on board, and their crew, there were 122, including children. After the accident have been removed from service all air devices such as the AN-10.

In 1975, 19 people were killed after the An-24B plane crashed. The cause of the accident was the wrong instructions of the airport manager Kharkov. 1979 year is marked by another major catastrophe, in which two passenger aircraft of the Tu-134 type collided. The collision occurred at an altitude of 8,4 kilometers around the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk. The total number of people on the two sides was 178 to the people, all of them were killed. The most recent disaster occurred in January 2006 year in the accident near Kharkov passenger charter aircraft "VAE 125", which belonged to the Russian Federation. As a result of the accident, all the people on board were killed.

There were also many accidents on the territory of the Kharkov airport. For example, in 2008, an MD-80 type aircraft made an emergency landing, the reason was a complete failure of the air conditioning system, and this would not allow it to climb to a great height. In August of the same year, one of the landing gear wheels slammed when the Embraer aircraft landed, which caused the vehicle to go beyond the band. There were no casualties. 

Basic data of Kharkiv airport:

  • Airport country: Ukraine.
  • Kharkiv International Airport in the eastern part of Ukraine.
  • Airport founded: 1932
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 36.29, latitude 49.92.
  • Geographical location: 12 kilometers south-east of the city center of Kharkov.
  • Number of airport terminals: 2.



Kharkov (Kharkov Airport). Official site:

Kharkiv (Kharkov Airport). Official site.


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: HRK.
  • ICAO airport code: UKHH.
  • Internal airport code: ХРК.


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