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Irkutsk Airport. Official site. 


Irkutsk International Airport is located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the central part of it. But it is in fact possible to consider that the airport is located directly in the city.

This airport is one of the largest in Eastern Siberia. It can also be considered one of the oldest in the country, since it began to take the first flights in 1925, and the international status was assigned to it in the mid-50s of the last century.

Irkutsk airport is a base for Russian airlines "Angara" and "IrAero" as well as the regional hub for airlines such as the "Yakutia","S7 Airlines", and Nordwind Airlines.

On the territory of the Irkutsk airport has two passenger terminals and one cargo.

The international airport of Irkutsk hotel has its own "air harbor".


Irkutsk Airport main building

The airport provides many direct international flights to Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Tajikistan and Turkey. Daily flights are operated to Khabarovsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk.

Alternate aerodrome airport "Irkutsk":

1. Ulan-Ude.

2. Bratsk.

3. Belaya airbase.

4. Irkutsk-2.


At the end of June 1925, 6 aircraft landed at the Irkutsk airfield, which were performing a grand flight en route from Moscow to Beijing. On August 13, 28, a post-passenger flight was made from the airport on the Irkutsk - Bodaibo line to the U-13 Mossovet aircraft. This was the beginning of the operation of the hydro-airport equipped on the Angara River. In August 32, the world's largest air route from Moscow to Vladivostok was opened. In July 33, due to inconveniences with transport links, the main air transportation was transferred to a site near the Red Barracks (the current territory of the modern airport).

In January 48-year round the clock began regular flights on routes Irkutsk - Bodaibo - Yakutsk, Irkutsk - Moscow. In December 54-year the Council of Ministers the airport received the status of "international". 15 September 56-year sat at the airport for the first time a jet plane Tu-104, who served as a technical flight from Beijing.

In March of 75th, the first aircraft of the second generation of Tu-154 civil jet aircraft arrived at Irkutsk. On April 4, the first flight to Moscow was carried out on it. On November 11, 80, an Il-76 landed in Irkutsk.

19 December of the same year was made a flight to the IL-76 from Irkutsk to Polar. In April 92-year Irkutsk combined squadron was reorganized. Instead organized JSC "Baikal Airlines" and State Unitary Enterprise "Irkutsk Airport". In October 94-year "Irkutsk" has received International Certificate and was named Aviation Committee, a shuttle service to international flights. In December of the same year put into operation the international airport terminal building.

In April 2002, the company was renamed the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Irkutsk Airport". In July 2004, the airfield again received a certificate for international flights and landing category ICAO. In 2005 year Shenyang airport management signed an agreement with the airport "Munich", "Genghis Khan" and "Tyaosyan" on the establishment of AERA - Euro-Asia Air Transport Alliance. The main objective of the agreement is the development of transfer traffic.

In September 2006 of the year, an agreement was signed between Shenyang Airport and FSUE “Irkutsk Airport”. In 2007, for the first time, airport passenger traffic exceeded 1 million. 

In 2008 year we completed the last stage of lengthening the runway at 400 m. After the reconstruction, in 2009 year, opened the terminal air line inner values ​​"Crystal Gate". 13 November was first held spotting session.

March 1 2011 years "Irkutsk" transformed into JSC "International Airport Irkutsk". In April, the first regular flight Irkutsk - Munich.

Accepted Aircraft Types: An-12, Boeing 767, Tu-134, IL-96-400, YOU 1-11, An-148, Bombardier CRJ 100 / 200, Boeing 747, IL-76, AR, ARN, 72 / 310, Boeing 737, IL-330, AN, ARN, 50 / 319, Boeing 114, IL-100, AR, ARN, 320 / 100, AR-NN “Airbus 154”, “Boeing 777”, “Airbus 340”, Fokker 321, “Airbus 24”, IL-757, Fokker 42, “Airbus 140”, Bombardier Global Express, Sukhoi Superjet XNXXHXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , Saab 204, Airbus 82, An-62, Boeing 90, ATR XNUMX, An-XNUMX, Tu-XNUMX, MD-XNUMX, IL-XNUMXМ, MD-XNUMX. 

The airfield can take without limitation aircraft class III (from 10 30 to tonnes), and Chapter IV (up to 10 tons). Resolution FATA could be taken before the Academy of Sciences-124-100 «Ruslan».

You can also stay in the following hotels which are located a short distance from the airport:

  • - Hostel 490;

  • - Irkutsk City Lodge;

  • - Baik;

  • - Baikal Business Center;

  • - Business Hotel Delta;

  • - Hotel Victoria;

  • - Hotel Complex Rus;

  • - Irkutsk Hostel on the Baikal;

  • - Côte d'Azur;

  • - Hotel "Star;

  • - Hotel Sun;

  • - At the source.


Irkutsk Airport within


Since Irkutsk airport located within the city of the problems with the shuttle should arise. The main form of public transport are the bus and trolley. Near the airport is located three public transport stops. Plus Irkutsk airport can be considered as a major transportation hub of the city, through which almost all the main public transport routes.

The international airport of Irkutsk has its own newspaper, called "Irkutsk sky." The periodical is free and tells about the problems of modern civil aviation.


On the territory of the international airport of Irkutsk you may be offered the following services:

  • - Item storage;

  • - VIP-zones, which are located in all passenger terminals;

  • - Representative offices of many airlines;

  • - ATMs and offices of different banks;

  • - A few cafes and restaurants;

  • - Various shops;

  • - Free access to wireless Internet (Wi-Fi);

  • - A room mother and child as well as many other essential services.


Basic data:

  • The main international airport in Eastern Siberia.

  • Airport founded: 1925.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 52.27, longitude 104.39.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 9 / + 9.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Number of airport terminals: 2.

  • IATA airport code: IKT.

  • ICAO airport code: UIII.

  • Internal code: ICT.

  • Base airlines: Angara Airlines (Angara) Iraero (IrAero) S7 Airlines (Siberia).


Irkutsk Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +73952544350.

  • Airport management phone: +73952266800.

  • Airport information phone: +73952266277.

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Shiryamova st., 13, Irkutsk, Russia, 664009.


Airport Irkutsk. Official site: http://www.iktport.ru/

Irkutsk Airport, official website

Irkutsk Airport Schedule:

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I was at many airports in the country, I thought Bratsk airport was below all possible bottoms, after that you would not be surprised at all, yesterday I realized that I was wrong. Before that, I flew from the international terminal of Irkutsk many times, I have a lot of complaints, but the internal terminal is just hell. Staff is unfriendly it is softly spoken, rudeness and contemptuous attitude at every step. The cashier who sold the ticket, acted as if I owed her money. Buy tickets two adults one child 1 year 11 months, say we need a ticket with a place I will pay. The answer is why you need a place for a child, I already made you a ticket without a place, I will not alter it. After much persuasion made a ticket with a seat. On registration in the end they gave a boarding pass without a seat and it turned out when boarding the plane. Try to alter the answer to the answer, but the plane will not wait. I hope I will never use the services of this airport

periodically I send young children with their parents using a stroller. To get on the plane, you need to lift the stroller to the second floor on the "hump" and then do the same operation down! ... Shame on Irkutsk airport, but where is the ramp, escalator or elevator? Ashamed for the airport !!!!!!!!

Hello! Today we arrived at the airport 25 minutes we told the cashier that we were late! and himself led rude! not even that is not explained! zahatela not call! it's your problem!

I can not but express its attitude to the airport employees and the company's representative in connection with a non-standard situation, from which all went very worthy. 11 April in connection with the change of departure time 777 and arose from a misunderstanding us all of the staff showed understanding and participation, placing the child on the plane. Thank you all very grateful to you and the passengers !!!


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