Airport to Kiev
Airport to Kiev

Airport to Kiev (Kyiv Zhulyany Airport). Official site.

Kiev Airport (Zhuliany) is an international airport in Kiev. Its territory is 265 hectares. It has one runway 45 m wide and 2310 m long (49 m and 1800 m before reconstruction, respectively). This runway is operated by the Civil Aviation Repair Plant No. 410 located on the territory of the airfield. 

Nearby is the train / railway station Kiev-Volonsky. The airport can be reached by trolley №№22 and 9, as well as by taxi №565.

Reconstruction of the runway has been completed in the first half of the year 2009, which resulted in the airport an opportunity to serve the heavier aircraft (Airbus A320, Boeing 737). On May 11 2009, he began to work around the clock. He has an international status.

The new terminal "A" was opened in May 11 2009 years. Its capacity is 320 passengers per hour. As a result, it has become the largest airport terminal. On its territory are four restaurants, five bars, two children's rooms, three stores duty free, business and lifestyle facilities.

It is worth noting that the airport Kiev (Juliani) is in the municipal ownership of Kiev, but in 2005 year was the first attempt of its subordination to the Ministry of Transport and Communications for the establishment of an international airport commercial and small aircraft. Due to the high cost of land in the capital of Ukraine voiced plans for the demolition of the airport and transfer flights to suburban airport cornflowers and Gostomel.

On the territory of the airport is the largest aviation museum in Ukraine, where the site presented many examples of military and civil aircraft under the open sky.

Before the opening of the Euro-2012 built international terminal "A" serving all international flights. In addition, 2013 year began to work business terminal "B" terminal for domestic flights and "D". They are privately managed.

Through the airport from March 2011 years carried out flights of Wizz Air. It not only changed its base, but also transferred the aircraft to the airport of Boryspil Airport. On June 15 2012, the Russian airline "Transaero" in addition to flights from Domodedovo to Boryspil opens flight (daily) in the Juliani. With 11 September 2012 years "Yuteyr-Ukraine" carries out regular flights on this direction of Kiev (Juliani) - Moscow (Vnukovo). In addition, it announced the transfer of its hub in Juliani from Borispol, as well as a program of regular flights from Kiev (Juliani).

 From 15 September 2013, flydubai has organized a direct flight from Kiev airport (Juliani) to Dubai. It is performed every day. From the beginning of flights from Zhulyan, flydubai has made two flights a day from Kiev to Dubai. Thus, the frequency increased to fourteen flights a week.

History of the airport Kiev (Juliani)

"Ukrvozdushput" to 1924 years have prepared everything necessary to perform scheduled air services on the territory of Ukraine. At that time, the central point was Kharkov, on the airport premises which was built workshops and a huge concrete hangar. Hence it has been laid air routes in the following areas: Kharkiv - Poltava - Kremenchug - Odesa and Kharkiv - Poltava - Kiev.

In some cities in Ukraine there is a need to equip passenger airports. For this purpose, the capital of adapted military airfield, located near the village Juliani (today - the area within the city limits). 25 May 1924 years here came the aircraft "Ukrvozdushputey" "Red Chemist" from Kharkov. On the flight took an hour 3 20 minutes. The first systematic flights from Kharkov in the direction of Kiev (on the flight 1 2 in both directions once a week). Airport at that time did not yet exist, it worked only airfield.

In 1949 year it built a new airport terminal designed by the famous architect Victor Yelizarov. He was one of the authors of the reconstructed Downtown.

The words "Juliani" in the name of the airport in Kiev at the beginning was not. In 1920-ies he said "airfield in the post-Volyn" in 1940-1950-x - "Kyiv airport" or "airport in Chokolivka." He took an aircraft with cargo and passengers from various parts of the Soviet Union. Through Juliani often took international flights from Moscow to the capital of the socialist countries.

"Juliani Airport" became known only 1960-ies after the construction of a new airport in Boryspil. When the village Juliani joined Kiev, the name of the airport was renamed "International Airport of Kyiv."

The development plan of the Ukrainian capital to 2025 years and includes the further development of the airport.


  • 17 August 1957 year near the airport in Kiev (Zhulyany) faced two Il-14, resulting in the death of fourteen people.
  • December 17 1976, the regular flights of An-24 Ukrainian CAA route Chernivtsi-Kyiv on approach to the airport crashed. Planting takes place at night in low cloud cover, ice, snow, rain and fog (visibility was 600 m).
  • In 1265 meters from the runway the aircraft collided with a concrete fence of the RU, then flown more than a hundred meters, crashed into the embankment, collapsed and caught fire. The crew did not provide information about the deterioration of visibility, and they began to fall late with high vertical speed. From 55 people on board were killed 48.
  • In the winter of 2007, the regional Beechcraft B9L aircraft fell four hundred meters from the runway during landing. 

Basic data of Kiev Zhuliany airport:

  • Airport country: Ukraine.
  • International airport within the city of the Ukrainian capital.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 30.45, latitude 50.4.
  • Geographical location: 8 kilometers south-west of the city center of Kiev.
  • Number of airport terminals: 1.


Kiev Zhulyany (Kyiv Zhulyany Airport). Official site:

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Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: IEV.
  • ICAO airport code: UKKK.
  • Internal airport code: ZhUL.


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