Kolpashevo Airport
Kolpashevo Airport

Airport Kolpashevo (Kolpashevo). Official site.

The airport is located in Kolpashevo 3 kilometers from the city of the same name, located in the Tomsk region. Air Transport Local destination node is primarily intended for the reception, maintenance and dispatch small-engine aircraft and helicopters engaged on air travel to larger airports, for subsequent direct passengers on regional and international routes.

Runway airport Kolpashevo

Kolpashevo Airport has only one runway small extent. The length of the runway is 50 meters and its width - 50 meters, which is sufficient for acceptance of small aircraft, in particular small-engine passenger and transport aircraft as well as helicopters. Covering runway airport Kolpashevo made of tar components, which is why there are restrictions on the reception of their planes at the actual load.

Currently, the airport is designed to Kolpashevo reception planes 4 class, as well as the reception and maintenance of helicopters. Earlier it was supposed to increase the length of the runway to 900 meters, but because of the location of the airport in the northern part of Russia, and its use of small, the decision was reversed.

The infrastructure of the airport Kolpashevo

Because of its low demand, as well as the geographic location, the infrastructure at the airport Kolpashevo virtually absent. The nearest hotels are located directly in the city Kolpashevo:

  1. Hotel "Visit";
  2. Hotel "Flight";
  3. Hotel "Classic";
  4. Hotel "Astoria".

Directly in front of the airport there is the guarded parking lot.

Basic data:

  • The airport, located in the north of Russia.
  • Coordinates of the airport: latitude 58 ° 19 ', longitude 82 ° 55'.
  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 7 / + 8.
  • Country Airport location: Russia.
  • Location: 3 kilometers north of the city of Kolpashevo.

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