Magnitogorsk Airport
Magnitogorsk Airport

Magnitogorsk Airport (Magnitogorsk Airport). Official site. 


Magnitogorsk International Airport is located in 14 kilometers from the eponymous town in the Chelyabinsk region. There is carried out sending, receiving and maintenance of passenger aircraft of practically all types.

The history of formation Airport

Airport history begins with education in 1930, the landing site "green field" on the left bank of the Ural River, which landed the plane "Junkers-13», flew to Sverdlovsk - Chelyabinsk - Magnitogorsk. In 1933, the aircraft C-2 commit mail and passengers from Sverdlovsk to Magnitogorsk.

In 1935, the city acquired the Metallurgical Plant plane P-5 for their own needs.

In 1951 year by plane Li-2 twice a week flying Sverdlovsk - Magnitogorsk. Later, the flight was extended to Moscow and became a daily. After a year at the disposal of the airport entered AN-2.

In 1970 year with the opening of the new airport started settling flights on the AN-24, and after five years in the use of the received AN-24.

In 1992 year formed the aviation unit of the aircraft Yak-42 led Kurbatov SV

In 1994, the airport received the Air Operator Certificate for international flights. In the same year he was made the first flight from Magnitogorsk to Istanbul by plane An-24.

In 1996 was reconstructed runway.

In 1999 the firm "MAVIM" won the tender for the reconstruction of the terminal building of the airport. The airport began to take the Tu-154. This year was organized by the customs service within the airport.

In 2003, the airport began to take IL-96.

In 2005 year Magnitogorsk Airport has been authorized to receive aircraft "Boeing" model 737-500. Opens a new regular flight from Domodedovo.

With 2006 2012 year on Magnitogorsk Airport received permission to accept a number of foreign aircraft. Most of this light aircraft for charter flights.

In 2007, the aircraft "Boeing 737» performed the first international flight from Antalya.



The airport itself has appeared in 1930 year and was originally used as a passenger air hub, providing a message from Magnitogorsk - Chelyabinsk - Sverdlovsk. To date, the airport has developed rapidly as a consequence, in 1994 year he was given the status of an international air transport hub.


Runway International Airport Magnitogorsk


Magnitogorsk International Airport has one runway, as a coating which uses cement component. The total length of the runway is 3250 meters and width 60 meters, which allows us to serve absolutely all types of helicopters and airplanes 1-2 and 3-4 class, in particular AN-26, An-28, Tu-204, Yak-40, Boeing 737, ATR 72, Airbus A320 and others.


Infrastructure International Airport Magnitogorsk



In view of its strategic importance for civil aviation, Magnitogorsk International Airport has a well-developed and continues to rapidly develop infrastructure.

Directly on the territory of the airport are located:

  • Hour car guarded parking lot;

  • The hotel is designed for both passengers and crew members;

  • Room mother and child;

  • Cafe and restaurant;

  • Shops;

  • Superior Room;

  • ATM;

  • Branch for temporary storage.


In addition, passengers can also use the hotel complex is located directly in Magnitogorsk:

  • Hotel "Crown";

  • The hotel "Laguna";

  • The hotel "Europe";

  • Hotel "Aurora".


Magnitogorsk Airport on the map:


To get to the international airport Magnitogorsk one of the following ways:

  • Public transport:

    • Bus route number 104;

    • Bus route number 142;

  • Taxi:

    • Route number 112;

  • Private road transport;

  • Taxi.


The route network of the international airport Magnitogorsk



As of mid-year 2014, Magnitogorsk International Airport is actively cooperating with six Russian flights shedule represented in the face of such companies as "RusLine","Orenburg Airlines"" Aeroflot "and others. Regular flights from Magnitogorsk airport are carried out in areas of such cities as Moscow, Mineralnye Vody, Sharm El Sheikh, Ekaterinburg, etc.


Basic data:

  • Serves regional flights in the southern Urals in the city of Magnitogorsk.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 53.39, longitude 58.76.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 6 / + 6.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: MQF.

  • ICAO airport code: USCM.

  • Internal code: MGS.


Contact details:

  • Email the airport:

  • Airport Fax: +73519299248.

  • Airport management phone: +73519299425.

  • Airport information phone: +73519299229.

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia, 455033.


Magnitogorsk Airport. Official site:

Airport Magnitogorsk. Official site.

Airport Magnitogorsk schedule:

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