Airport "Minsk-1»: demolition promising development?
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Airport "Minsk-1»: demolition promising development?

Airport "Minsk-1»: demolition promising development?


Until recently, there were two airports in the territory of Minsk, the capital and the largest city of Belarus - the National Airport Minsk, which receives hundreds of passenger flights every day, and the Minsk-1 airport, which is practically in the center of the city, and is currently not operational. Several years ago, the authorities decided to eliminate the Minsk-1 airport and build a residential area on the territory of the air harbor, however, according to experts, much more success could be achieved by maintaining this air hub, since it has a certain share Prospects.



The activities of the airport "Minsk-1" were launched back in 1933. Initially, this air harbor was used exclusively as a civilian airport, however, later, military aircraft also took off and landed here, which caused a number of inconveniences to the residents of the Belarusian capital, in particular, we are talking about noise pollution, pollution from the combustion products of aviation fuel, etc. since 2015, the airport "Minsk-1" has actually ceased its commercial activities - at the moment the aircraft take off and land here only for maintenance and repair, however, as early as January 1, 2017, the air harbor will completely cease to operate.



Experts believe that with the proper development of the infrastructure of the airport "Minsk-1", this air harbor could bring a very high income, in particular, you can place small commercial aircraft, and not only businessmen from Belarus, but And from the nearest states, including Russia, Ukraine, etc. Moreover, the Belarusian authorities could easily establish an aviation connection with the regional centers of the country, launching several local flights, which would save both the time of citizens and Would ensure a sufficiently effective air communication throughout the country (subject to the rationality of tariffs).



It should be clarified also by the fact that their interest in the purchase of the airport previously expressed and representatives of the Chinese People's Republic, who were very interested in the organization here, and commercial flights and freight traffic, however, for unknown reasons, the Belarusian authorities decided to demolish the air harbor and the construction in its place of a large residential area, which, however, turned out to be quite a disaster, as several potential investors abandoned this project.

Thus, with proper organization approach, the airport "Minsk-1» can be very promising in terms of its development, however, this will depend on the immediate decision of the authorities of the Republic of Belarus.


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