Mogilev Airport
Mogilev Airport

Mogilev Airport (Mogilev Airport).

Mogilev - the international airport of the city of the same name in Belarus. There are sanitary-quarantine, customs and border control. In 2002 the organization of state enterprise "Mogilev Airport" was made, which was a part of RUE "Belaeronavigatsia".

As of June 2013 years undergoing renovation runway and terminal, after which the airport can receive aircraft up to 350 tons. The reconstruction took - 52 billion rubles.

Airport Mogilev - a branch of RUE "Belaeronavigatsia", which was given the status of 1998 years. On its territory there is two lanes for landings and takeoffs. One of them has the asphalt coating width 42 meter 2566 meters in length, the second - ground, having a width in 85 m and the length in km 2. The airport can receive the maximum aircraft weight 171 ton.

At his disposal is only one passenger terminal, which made border, sanitary-quarantine and customs control of passengers and cargo. From the airport, while not carried out long flights, and this opened a new regular route to Kaliningrad. Most often, the airport handles passenger and cargo aircraft transfers and performs refueling aircraft in need.

No less important is the work of Mogilev Airport air traffic controllers, which provide safety with a radius of fifty kilometers of service, at the height of 4,5 thousand. Meters.

In the future it is planned to modernize the airport building, repair strip landing and takeoff, steering track apron of the terminal, aircraft parking space, expand the list of routes, which depart from the airport.

All passengers tested on checkpoint "Antiterror", and then followed by a customs and passport control, checking hand luggage and baggage, then enter the drive where the waiting time table.

Infrastructure Mogilev Airport

Airport Catering presented buffet, offers visitors a variety of soft drinks and snacks. Schedule airport is built taking into account the flight schedules. Moreover, the services can take advantage of even the local residents.

At the airport there is a hotel for the crew of the aircraft. It consists of five comfortable and cozy rooms with a European style: one triple and four doubles. Each of them is equipped with a fridge, a shower, a TV, an electric kettle and a microwave. Moreover, there is a technical unit in which there is everything necessary for carrying out the form in order. On the second floor of the airport there are luggage storage and a waiting room. For passengers with children, a separate room is set up, where there are all conditions for accommodation. 

Basic data of the airport Mogilev:

  • Airport country: Belarus.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 3.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 30.1, latitude 53.95.
  • Geographical location: 17 kilometers from the city of Mogilev.


Airport Mogilev (Mogilev Airport). Official site: no. 

Airport Mogilev (Mogilev Airport) .1

Airport Mogilev (Mogilev Airport) .2


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: MVQ.
  • ICAO airport code: UMOO.
  • Internal airport code: MGL.


Contact details:

  • Airport Fax: +375222299550.
  • City airport management telephone: +375222299500.
  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Nikitichi village, Mogilev district, Belarus, 213125.



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Good day all))) At the airport in Mogilev there is a rest room for money for passengers? For passengers with children there, and without children there you can relax?

Is there a car parking?

Ay, the end of the airport answer the people, is there a parking lot? Tell me why do we need to know what is the runway and the rest of G. PARKING ?????

I phoned :), parking is 1rub 90kop. cost of the day!