Airport Murmansk
Airport Murmansk

Airport Murmansk (Murmansk Airport). Official site.


The international airport is located in the Murmansk 25 kilometers from the regional center of the Murmansk region, and is a unit serving civil air transport passenger planes.

According to data for the year 2013, Murmansk International Airport passenger traffic exceeded 614 thousand passengers.

History of the airport

In July 1976, the airport was opened on the outskirts of the city of Murmansk. At its base the squadron, and his service was organized by a special complex of facilities, equipment and personnel. Initially, the benchmark was heavy aircraft IL-18, but in the process of construction of the runway had to change the design to match the requirements for admission of the Tu-154. Changing the project resulted in an increase in the cost of 30 million.

In the same year, Tu-1976 154 aircraft made a technical flight with a stopover on the new artificial runway. On the opening day the airport received its first passenger flight from Moscow.

The first year was accompanied by a lot of inconvenience, as required for proper operation of the air terminal.

In 1977, the terminal was put into operation, in addition, the level of comfort is significantly improved with the opening of the hotel and "Aeroflot" representative.

The history of mergers

company "Gazpromneft-Avia" in the number of "Murmansk Airport» shareholders entered October 2008 years. She received about 32% of the shares. Specialization of the company-shareholder is refueling aircraft.

In May 2015 year in the bidding process state-owned shares (38%) Murmansk airport was bought by "Rivoli", which is under the organization "Novaport".


Runway airport Murmansk


Airport Murmansk has in the presence of a runway length in meters and 2500 45 meters wide. As used asphalt runway surface, however, it is supposed to be in 2014 year covering the runway should be replaced.



Murmansk International Airport is capable of receiving aircraft 2, 3 and 4 classes, in particular, Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Tu-204, Tu-154, An-74 and other, lighter airplanes. In addition, the airport Murmansk can take absolutely all types of helicopters.


Infrastructure Airport Murmansk


Murmansk International Airport has a well-developed infrastructure, however, it is worth noting that if the length of the runway is increased, this may attract additional airlines, which will certainly affect the status of the airport. 

Today, the infrastructure of the international airport of Murmansk includes the following:

  • The hotel, designed for 124 space and located just 300 meters from the airport;

  • Guarded car park;

  • Room mother and child;

  • Branch for temporary baggage storage;

  • Shops;

  • Superior Room;

  • A cafe;

  • Billiards;

  • ATM.


The nearest hotel apartments and places of temporary residence outside the airport and settling in Murmansk:

  • Hotel "Arctic";

  • The hotel "Fjord";

  • The hotel "Meridian";

  • Hotel "Glarus".


Murmansk Airport on the map:


To get to the international airport of Murmansk, use one of the following ways:

  • Public transport:

    • Bus route № 106, with an interval of motion about 20-30 minutes;

  • Taxi:

    • Route № 106, and intervals movement about 20 minutes;

  • Taxi.


The route network of the international airport Murmansk



As of mid-year 2014, Murmansk International Airport is working closely with eight Russian flights shedule represented in the faces of such companies as "Nordavia","Orenburg Airlines","Russia","Icarus"And a number of other air carriers. Regular flights are operated from the airport follow the Murmansk to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cherepovets, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad, and in addition, the airport also run charter flights in the direction of Heraklion, Barcelona, ​​Hurghada and other cities located outside the Russian Federation.


Basic data:

  • The main airport in the northwest of the Kola Peninsula, Russia.

  • Airport founded: 1976.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 68.78, longitude 32.75.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 4 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: 24 km south-west of Murmansk.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: MMK.

  • ICAO airport code: ULMM.

  • Internal code: MUN.


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +78152281541.

  • Airport management phone: +78152281259.

  • Airport information phone: +78152281331.

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Murmashi settlement, Kola district, Murmansk region, Russia, 184355.


Airport Murmansk. Official site:

Airport Murmansk. Official site.

Airport Murmansk Schedule:

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Turning to the airport management, I want to express my dissatisfaction with the behavior of girls who miss passengers when they inspect the entrance to the airport building. Girls, especially the young one with a child's voice, show excessive diligence in the search, demanding to take off their outer clothing, show the contents of their pockets (passport, cash, etc.) and all this with all honest people, despite the fact that things can be in their pockets, Not desirable for prying eyes. Others, such as a full girl, openly rude to the elderly, who simply want to call their relatives without going through the search. At the same time, the fat girl throws her out on the street in a boorish manner. Another, cute with a strict kind provokes passengers to indignation, thanks to their so-called work. At the same time it is with great pleasure calling policemen with truncheons to deal with passengers. Obviously, the girl likes this kind of provocations and the pleasures that she feels when the police begin disassembling passengers. In many ways, conflicts arise from scratch, due to the lack of a basket into which to put a women's handbag or briefcase, because at the exit after X-raying, things go dirty. I often fly to different cities, but unfortunately, such ignorance, outright rudeness, bordering on cynicism, trying to get pleasure out of the passengers, to put it mildly out of balance, like vampires sucking blood, I see only in Murmansk. He also noted that such a manifestation, the airport employees show with greater zeal for men. He also noticed that the smokers with incredible ease materyatsya during a smoke on the street. Who, no matter how the airport management should conduct an appropriate conversation with the girls hired. After all, these girls are the face of your company, but worst of all, the face of the city-hero Murmansk. I'm ashamed of my colleagues who have to be escorted from this airport. I strongly recommend the airport management to dismiss these bankrupt workers and not to disgrace our city of Murmansk. And talk to the others and ask them if they ever stood in the frost in the queue for free soup, hinting at what they could do there if they were not polite with the passengers


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