Navoi Airport
Navoi Airport

Navoi Airport (Navoi Airport). Official site.

Navoi Airport is located in the eponymous town in Uzbekistan. "International" has a status. It got its name after Alisher Navoi. WFP: length - 4000 m, width - 60 m, material - concrete slabs. It has the second category according to ICAO.

The airport opened in 1962 year due disposition of members of Party of the Soviet Union. Since 1992 years Navoi became international, helped by the development of the airport infrastructure and the personal order of the President. At the same time the airline "Uzbekistan Airways" has been created.

In 2007 year began repair work, the result of which was aimed at improving service and bandwidth. Runway and taxiway completely renewed. In addition, we carry out installation of the new lighting system (Siemens production) and navigational equipment (Thales production). Also we built a modern new air-traffic control tower. Its height - 34 m.

Navoi Airport has rooms for deputies and Class VIP, mother and child room, medical center, snack bar and a post office. Includes transport and communication services.

A year later, the Korean Air Transport Company took charge of the airport management in accordance with the ten-year development plan and the acceleration of the modernization program. The largest construction project at Navoi Airport was the largest terminal for cargo transportation in the whole of Central Asia. It is capable of handling 100000 tons of various cargoes per year. The new terminal was equipped with the latest cranes, tools and automatic equipment. This project was completed and put into operation in mid-August 2010 year. Additionally, a cargo apron was built, designed to accommodate five aircraft of the Boeing 747-400 type. Also, four additional fuel storage facilities were designed and built, capable of storing about five million liters of fuel for aircraft. This amount is enough to fill 25 large aircraft by the type of Boeing 747-400. Earlier, in August 2008, "Korean Airlines" launched a test cargo flight from Navoi airport. Now, by increasing the frequency, 12 flights are constantly being carried out for a week to Brussels, Milan and Incheon. Transportation is carried out by Boeing aircraft 747-400F.

In May 2009 year "Uzbekistan Airways" started to carry various loads on the basis of the airport "Navoi". At the moment, the number of flights reached 18 mark for a week. Key points: New Delhi, Bangkok, Frankfurt and Mumbai. In addition to the two still work, "Korean Air Transport Company," the airport operating passenger flights to nine cities in eight countries. Also, action is being taken to find new routes.

Destinations and airlines

Passenger: "Uzbekistan Airways" - Pulkovo, Domodedovo, Tashkent; "Ural Airlines" - Domodedovo; "Aeroflot" - Pulkovo.

Transport: "Uzbekistonhavojullari" - Delhi, Dubai, Mumbai, Tianjin, Istanbul, Moscow, Bishkek.     

Basic data of Navoi airport:

  • Airport country: Uzbekistan.
  • Navoi International Airport.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 5 / + 5.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 65.18, latitude 40.12.


Navoi (Navoi Airport). Official site:

Navoi (Navoi Airport). Official site.


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: NVI.
  • Internal airport code: NVI.



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