Nizhnevartovsk Airport. (Russia).
Nizhnevartovsk Airport. (Russia).

Nizhnevartovsk Airport. (Russia). Official site.


The international airport is located in Nizhnevartovsk in 4-x km north-west of the famous city of Nizhnevartovsk and has only one terminal. The history of its existence, the airport starts to 1965 years. In fact, if it was not even the airport, but only a small air base, where based aircraft AN-2 and helicopters Mi-4, but at the end of 1969 years, by order of the Minister of Civil Aviation was established a separate airline "Nizhnevartovsk joint air squadron. " 1971 year was marked by moving the airport to a new location, where it is located to this day.


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In the same year it was created artificial runway, and a year later in Nizhnevartovsk first landed jet Tu-134 from the city of Tyumen. From that day on Tu-134 began making regular flights from Nizhnevartovsk to Moscow.

After this airline come to grips with the reconstruction of the airport, so, soon took an airplane model Airport Tu-154And opened direct flights not only in Moscow but also to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Kiev, Sochi, Simferopol, Minsk, and other prestigious city. In addition to passenger flights, the airport began to land-terrain planes with crews and central regions and autonomous republics of the Soviet Union.


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Since 1989 1990 year for the airport was the second reconstruction, after which he became the host Airbus IL-86. The third was reconstructed 2 years later, due to the fact that the Nizhnevartovsk airport was included in the federal airports. 2005 year was marked by an important event: the airport was awarded the title of International.


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Today, more than 40 airlines cooperate with airport Nizhnevartovsk. Direct passenger flights are performed in almost all the cities of Russia, as well as beyond it. In addition to passenger flights, there are more and Crew, with teams from Bashkiria, Tatarstan and central areas. For the transportation of passengers to short distances or for the implementation of the technical work, the airport is possible to order a helicopter. To get from the airport to the city by bus or taxi.

The passengers granted 4 bus routes: the settlement "At the north woods" Starovartovsky market, railway station and ASUneft. If you want to ride in comfort, take a taxi, be sure to negotiate a price in advance. For those who do not want to go anywhere, can use the services of the hotel, located at the airport. Price per bed varies from 600 5000 to rubles.

Accepted types of aircraft: aircraft - Antonov 12, 32, 124, 24, 26, 30, 72, 28, 74, 148; Ilyushin 62, 86, 76, 96, 114; Bombardier CRJ 100 / 200; Tupolev 214, 134, 204, 154; Yakovlev 42, 40; "Airbus' A310, A340, A319, A330, A320, A321; ATR 72, ATR 42; «Boeing» 737, 767, 747, 757, 777; DC-10, 30; Sukhoi Superjet 100; Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia; Pilatus PC-12; Cessana 208; SAAB-340; helicopters of all types.

Classification of the runway - 54 / R / B / W / T.

In 1998, the airport received certification and was recognized as international. 

Nizhnevartovsk Airport cooperates with airlines: "Izhavia" - Izhevsk, Ufa; Belavia-Gomel; "Ak Bars Aero" - Ust-Kut, St. Petersburg; "Ir Aero" - Omsk, Irkutsk; "Victory" - Moscow; "Taimyr" - Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk; Aeroflot - Moscow; Somon - Khujand; Air S7 Airlines - Moscow; Pegas Fly - Dubai, Barcelona, ​​Phuket, Cam Ranh, Utapao, Bangkok; Azur Air - Tomsk; "Yamal" - Novosibirsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Simferopol, Anapa; "Yakutia" - Krasnodar; "Ural Airlines" - Krasnodar, Moscow; "UTair" - Baku, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Khujand, Khanty-Mansiysk, Sochi, Krasnodar, Anapa, Rostov-on-Don; "RusLine" - Makhachkala, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Ust-Kut, Gelendzhik, Yekaterinburg; Uzbekistan Airways - Tashkent.


Basic data:

  • The international airport in Western Siberia.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 60.95, longitude 76.48.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 6 / + 6.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: NJC.

  • ICAO airport code: USNN.

  • Internal code: НЖВ.


Nizhnevartovsk Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +73466244371.

  • Airport management phone: +73466241041.

  • Airport information phone: +73466492175.

  • The mailing address of the airport: Aviatorov st., 2, Nizhnevartovsk, KhMAO, Tyumen region, Russia, 628613.


Airport Nizhnevartovsk. Official site:

Nizhnevartovsk Airport. Official site.

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