Aalborg Airport
Aalborg Airport

Airport Aalborg (Aalborg Airport). Official site.


The international airport of Aalborg is the third largest air haven in Denmark, the volume of served passengers, in 2016, exceeded 1,5 million people.


History of Aalborg Airport


Aalborg Airport was put into operation in 1938 year, at the same time, initially the air harbor was intended for serving regional flights, with the maximum volume of passengers served 100 thousand people per year.



Nevertheless, with the outbreak of World War II, the airport of Aalborg was occupied by German troops who used this air harbor to service their military aircraft, including for the purpose of striking the UK, as well as for controlling airspace over the North Sea. Nevertheless, during the war, the airport was practically not destroyed, which is due to its good protection, including from Norway.

After the end of the Second World War, the airport of Aalborg again began to conduct its civilian activities, and thanks to its excellent strategic location, this air harbor could serve not only domestic flights, but also a number of international itineraries, in particular, air communication with Great Britain, Sweden and Norway.



In 2001, the modern terminal building was built at the Aalborg International Airport, which also significantly increased the capacity of the air harbor to receive aircraft and service passengers.

Subsequently, at 2007, 2010 and 2013, the airport of Aalborg underwent a number of important improvements, which allowed the air harbor to improve the infrastructure and provide the highest possible quality of passenger service.


Runways of the Aalborg International Airport



At its disposal, the Aalborg International Airport has two runways:

  • Asphalt runway, the length of 2550 meters;
  • Asphalt-concrete runway, the length of 2655 meters.

Due to this, the airport can receive aircraft 2-4 class, and the presence of helicopter landing sites in the air harbor, allows also to serve rotorcraft.


Infrastructure of the Aalborg International Airport



Despite the fact that the volume of passengers served in this international air harbor is relatively small, the infrastructure of the airport of Aalborg is perfectly developed, in particular, there are:

  • ATMs, payment terminals, currency exchange offices;
  • Cafes, snackbars and restaurants;
  • Retail and duty-free shops;
  • Shops souvenir products;
  • Luggage storage;
  • Ticket booths;
  • Room mother and child;
  • Parking vehicles;
  • Public transportation and taxi.

There are no hotels on the territory of the Aalborg International Airport, however, due to the fact that the air harbor is located only 6 kilometers from the city, there are no problems with finding and choosing places of temporary residence.


How to get to Aalborg airport?


Thanks to the close location of the Aalborg International Airport to the city of the same name, there are no problems with getting to the air harbor, for which you can use either personal transport or taxi services or public public transport.


Basic data Airport Aalborg:

  • Airport Country: Denmark Airport Aalborg (Aalborg Airport). Official site..
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 2 / + 1.

Airport Aalborg (Aalborg Airport). Official site.

Latitude geographical 57.09, 9.85 geographical longitude.


Aalborg (Aalborg Airport). Official site: www.aal.dk

Airport Aalborg (Aalborg Airport). Official sayt.1

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