Osh Airport
Osh Airport

Osh Airport (Osh Airport).

Osh - one of the largest airports in the Ferghana Valley, belonging to the international airport Manas. It is located nine kilometers north of the city of the South of Kyrgyzstan - Osh. The main purpose of the Osh airport - meeting the needs of air transportation in this region of Kyrgyzstan. The airfield is classified as "4D" (ICAO) and the "B" (IAC).

Osh airport operates around the clock and has 3 taxiways. If necessary, the aircraft made the landing facility using escort vehicles. Perron has fourteen parking. Its total area to date - 59200 m2. The length and width of the runway - 2614 50 m and m respectively.

Airport started in 1974 year, but only 1992 year was commissioned in the international sector. Main operator: Avia Traffic Company, Air Company "Kyrgyzstan". In 2012, he served more than 835 thousand. Passengers. Compared with 2011 year passenger growth of 18%.

Due to the high importance of the airport to the transport infrastructure of the country by the authorities, it was decided to modernize. Reconstruction began in 2011 year. Construction was planned new freight and passenger terminals, made lighting of taxiways and runways, replacement of runway surface. According to their forecasts at the end of reconstruction (2016 year) airport will be able to serve up to 5 million people a year.

Based airlines: Air Bishkek, Osh-Avia, Air Manas, Kyrgyzstan.

Osh airport infrastructure includes:

  • Prayer room.

Often at the airport meet passengers a wide variety of religious beliefs, which need to return to their God in the way. In the west wing special prayer room was built for the convenience of passengers, where the clock can sit representatives of major world religions 2: Islam and Christianity. Every believer has the opportunity to appeal to the priest, who with the help of tools and rituals hold a ceremony appeal to a higher power. Visiting the rooms and all services completely free of charge.

  • mother and baby room.

Like many other airports, it is located on the 2 floor of the terminal, in the "quiet zone" (east wing). To stay in this room you need to get a certificate from the airport medical station, which will confirm that along with the passenger there is a child of up to seven years of age. For rest in the room of mother and child two rooms are offered, having a total capacity of fifty seats, which are well equipped. Children aged 4-7 can visit the game room at any time. There is also a small library, a kitchen where you can prepare food yourself, and a pediatrician's office, which, if necessary, will quickly come to the rescue. There is no charge for using this room.

Helpful information

If there are three to four hours before departure, and you have already arrived at the airport, visit the numerous shops. Here at competitive prices (lower on 20-30% than in the city) you can buy sweets, alcohol, souvenirs, etc. Such purchases at Osh airport are not subject to customs fees. 

Basic data of Osh airport:

  • Airport country: Kyrgyzstan.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 6 / + 6.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 72.79, latitude 40.61.


Osh Airport (Osh Airport). Official site: no. 

Osh Airport (Osh Airport) .1

Osh Airport (Osh Airport) .2


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: OSS.
  • ICAO airport code: UAFO.
  • Internal airport code: ОШШ.


Contact details:



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