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Pevek Airport

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Pevek Airport is a small regional air transport node is the most flourishing activity came in the Soviet period, when the airport was air haven for the entire Chukotka.

Today Pevek airport is not very popular among Russian airlines, but continues to function, to justify the purpose of his creation - the provision of air service to the Chukotka Peninsula.

airport History

In 1936, construction began on the airfield in the sand and shingle spit. In 1939 year it was completed premises for staff, which consisted of 6 people. The airfield could take aircraft P-5, On-2, P-6, T-1, while in the summer the aircraft landed on the water of the lagoon.

In 1948, the airport became a major.

In 1955, regular communication with the regional center was established. In 1957, a new runway was commissioned. 

With 1960, the airport received a grade level 4 and Mi and Mi-4-1, four aircraft models Ahn and Lee-2-2. At this time began regular flights to Moscow on IL-14. Time was 22 flight hours and aircraft performed several intermediate landings. In 1963 year on the basis of the airport was created Chaunsky Squadron were obtained Mi-6, later replaced on the Mi-8.

With 1965, the airport has received permission to accept AN-12.

In 1970-ies began large-scale reconstruction. A new runway was built with concrete, improved control system landing. Upgraded lighting system, a navigation system. With 1974, the airport began to take Yak-40, and six years later the An-24.

The new airport was launched in 1979 year. It held its first flight from Vnukovo Tu-154, who later became a regular. Passengers at the airport and border guards met first checked documents.

In 1984, the wooden building of the terminal has been replaced with a modern two-storey airport. The old terminal building was converted into a hotel.

In 2002, passenger traffic and cargo traffic declined significantly due to the crisis. Airport staff were relocated to the town and village pilots has been eliminated.

Before 2020, management plans to reconstruct the complex. 



Runway Pevek Airport



Pevek Airport has one runway with a total length in meters and 2500 42 meters in width, and is used armobeton and its components as the runway surface. The airport can accept various types of aircraft, in particular all types of helicopters and aircraft grade AN-24, An-140, Yak-40Yak-42, Tu-204, Boeing 737 and other, lighter.


Infrastructure Pevek Airport


Despite the fact that the Pevek airport serves as an alternate aerodrome on transcontinental direction from North America to Asia, the infrastructure is developed very poorly.


On the territory of the airport are:

  • Car parking;

  • A cafe;

  • retail stores;

  • ATM.



The closest hotel complex is located in the eponymous town in 15 kilometers from the airport:

  • Hotel "Pevek".


Get to the airport Pevek can only be either private road transport or take a taxi.


Route network Pevek Airport


At the beginning of the year 2014, Pevek Airport 3 working with Russian air carriers, which in particular includes such airlines as "Chukotavia","VIM-Avia" and "Yakutia". Regular airport offers flights to Moscow to Anadyr, Magadan and other regional centers of the Russian Federation.


Basic data:

  • It serves regional flights north-east Russia.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 69.78, longitude 170.6.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 12 / + 12.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: PWE.

  • ICAO airport code: UHMP.

  • Internal code: PEV.

  • Base airlines: Chukotavia (Chukotavia).


In March 1963, the plane made an emergency landing Lee-2. The aircraft was overloaded, and after landing outside the runway was badly damaged and was later scrapped.

In August 2014 year as a result of careless taxiing on the apron Mi-8 destroyed its screws on the terminal building.

Pevek Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport management phone: +74273742090.

  • Airport information phone: +74273792898.

  • The mailing address of the airport: Chkalova st., 1, Apapelgino, Chaunsky district, Chukotka AO, Russia, 689290.


Pevek Airport Schedule:

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