Rzhevka Airport
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Rzhevka Airport

Rzhevka Airport


 One of the largest airports in the North-West region, Rzhevka, is returning to service for a while.

 Rzhevka Airport is well known to all of Leningrad and much less to Petersburgers. And the background of this airport is as follows.

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  • In September, a distant 41 year in the northeast suburb of Leningrad urgently equipped with an airfield. By the way, it was one of the most well-disguised airfields of the war. The strip was released from easily cleaned camouflage from the trees and branches, only during takeoff and landing. From it worked transport aviation (more than 70 departures per day) and 286 IAP. Later, during the blockade, the Smolnoy airfield (which was what it was then called) was that one of the thin strings connecting the besieged Leningrad to the Big Land. Shuttle flights of transporters Li-2 and PS-48 allowed to deliver food, and on the way back to take the Leningraders out of the siege.

  • With 1945 year spec is based here. Squadron of the national economy.

  • With the start of the year 1954 passenger aircraft An-2.

  • In 1970 was put into operation a new artificial runway 1800h40 m. Class "D". In addition, the airport has a backbone taxiway (MRD), 6 3 taxiway and apron.

  • In 1980-ies at the airport Rzhevka conducted training flights in the interest of flying clubs and schools in the region GA. Here, based poskovo Rescue Squadron. They serve hundreds of pilots, who then joined the ranks of the Air Force and Civil Aviation.

  • With 1987 year renamed the airport "Rzhevka" rebuilding a new terminal throughput 250 passengers per hour.

  • Rzhevka becoming a major participant in air traffic in the North-West region. From here you can fly to Minsk and Moscow. From this airport operates selhozaviatsii, research institutes planes, planes for aerial photography. There jump athletes paratroopers.

  • In 1994-1995 years under reconstruction PTO and fuel depot. Improved lighting equipment.

  •  The 2000s are coming. And painfully familiar scenario. In 2003, the Rzhevka enterprise was robbed and the Petersburg Fuel Company PTK bought up on the cheap. At the airfield, repair work and reconstruction of the air terminal are even carried out by PTK and LLC Foton, which acquired the airport at an auction in 2004. But in 2007 the owner made a decision to close the airfield and equip it ... for parking!

 The aerodrome with sorrow leave the flying clubs "Nevsky", "Baltic", airlines "Barkol", "Corporate helicopters of the North-West", "Rosneftbaltika". An airfield with excellent runways with convenient approaches, with RTO and instrument flights, becomes a parking lot and a race track. Strip 1800х40, with landing courses 56-236grad. where not only AON planes, but also AN-24, An-26, Yak-40, felt free to buy cars for themselves.

Rzhevka Airport

 Meanwhile, already in our time, the voices of businessmen and aviation guardians are heard about finding a place to equip a new business aviation airfield. Probably 15-16 km. from Rzhevka ("Kovalevo") to the center of St. Petersburg it is too far.

 The latest news from the portal fontanka.ru has shed balm on the souls of all aviators familiar with the problem of Rzhevka. Although joy may be slightly premature. Since this area is planned for construction. In April of this year, the territory of the airport was purchased into the ownership of LSR Group.

*reference: "LSR Group" works in the Russian construction market with 1993 years. During this time the company has reached the scale of the largest construction holding company in the country. The main activities of "LSR":

  • development and construction of real estate;
  • production of building materials.

15500 employees of the Group also want to live well. Therefore, in the plans of the city of Vsevolozhsk this territory is included in the zone of residential development. In order not to lose money and time, as many reconciliations of development projects take place, estimates are made, contractors and subcontractors are searched, "LSR Group" graciously allowed to hand over the objects of real estate for short-term rent to Heli-Drive company, and this is the largest private helicopter company in the region. Ivan Yatsenko, the general director of the helicopter company explained that it will not impede the possibility of parking private aircraft. In the meantime, the airfield will participate in the Sanitary Aviation program of the government of St. Petersburg, supported by its company.

Rzhevka airport

How will develop further the fate of the famous airport - time will tell.

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He flew to Rzhevka from Minsk several times in the 1970s. The port was listed as "Leningrad (Smolny)"

It would be nice if they built another modern airport in St. Petersburg. Will Pulkovo and Rzhevka.

It's good that the airport was restored, and that there are flights to Petrozavodsk from there and the 23 bus stops by! The second airport is a city with a population of 5 000 000 really need!

the procurator of the lenocrats issued a protest and pointed out to the prosecutor Grinchuk about the illegality of the transfer of the airport to the housing construction

Personally, in the second half-80's and 90-om several times flew regular flights on AN-24 of Liepaja (Latvia). And it was not only the line outside of the Leningrad region. As far as I remember, to take off with people somewhere in the north waiting for the flight.

Not in any way do not give permission granted. This is a strategic object. How much effort and money has been invested by our ancestors in the airfield. In order to give developers are now his brainless? And so it all built up. Already got. Build on the Kolyma !!! Aerodrome not touch. I for the restoration of all the countries of the former Soviet airfields. And the development of our aviation.