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Airport Sokerkino Kostroma (Kostroma Sokerkino Airport). Official site.


Sokerkino Kostroma Airport is a small regional air transport node located in Kostroma region. In addition to the civil aircraft at the airport Sokerkino Kostroma arranged as airplanes and helicopters of the Ministry of Defence.

A brief history of the formation and development of "Kostroma Kostroma Airport» Airport

As is known, the history of Kostroma Sokerkino Airport is very long and eventful. Initially, in 1944, a small and rather primitive airfield for the national economy was built. It was serviced by aircraft of the Moscow squadron. 

The first civilian aircraft landed at the 6.11.1944 airfield of the year. It was an aircraft like PO-2, which was constantly based on the territory of the airfield of Kostroma. As you know, this is a small device, it could carry two crew members and only three passengers. But a small revision of the machine allowed to transport goods or patients on a stretcher. Since 1949, additional aircraft have been allocated. 

Most of the aviators and service personnel were military pilots during the war. Since the 50s, aircraft began to take an active part in the cultivation of agricultural land. They also transported mail. 

Long-haul flights to Moscow, Gorky, Ivanovo, and Volgograd were launched from 1954, on An-2 aircraft. From 1957, Mi-1 type helicopters began to be used. With the help of helicopter technology, sanitary transports and forest patrols began. They also carried out aerial photography, transportation of repair crews and rescue operations. 

Prior to 1962, the 94 pilot operated at the airport, but there was often not enough equipment. Even at this time, passenger traffic was quite active, since the passenger turnover reached the 1,5 indicator of thousands of people per day. The first regular flight to Moscow was carried out by high-speed aircraft such as the Yak-40. 

Airport "Kostroma Sokerkino" became open to international air traffic from 1975 of the year. Were adjusted flights to the GDR on the An-2 and Mi-2. In the 1977 year, the L-410 turboprop passenger vehicles were provided for basing at the airport, linking Kostroma with Leningrad, Moscow, Orel, Gorky, Saratov, Kharkov, Penza and many other cities in the USSR. 

Like most airports in our country, hard times began with the 90s. During this year, the number of passengers has significantly decreased, and the number of personnel has been halved. Despite the very difficult times, the airport "Kostroma Sokerkino" did not stop its work. The main profits came from abroad, when airport helicopters worked in Zaire, Poland, Pakistan. 

In 2006, the airport "Kostroma Sokerkino" became a joint-stock community. All shares of the company belong to the state of the Russian Federation. At this time, cargo and passenger vehicles of the An-26 type were purchased. This made it possible to establish permanent transport and passenger traffic to St. Petersburg, Moscow and resort cities of the country. 

From 2010, the airport "Kostroma Sokerkino" was transferred into the possession of the Kostroma region. Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest aviation enterprises in the country, it is doing everything possible for its stabilization and development in the region. 

Runway airport Sokerkino Kostroma


At the airport Sokerkino Kostroma has only one runway whose length is 1700 meters, width 50 meters and the runway surface as used herein concrete slabs.



Kostroma Airport Sokerkino suitable to send and receive all types of helicopters as well as aircraft of type AN-28, A-410, Yak-40 and other, lighter air assets.


Airport infrastructure Sokerkino Kostroma


Infrastructure as such on the airport Sokerkino Kostroma is virtually absent, but this is primarily due to the fact that the Russian air transport carriers the node is not of commercial interest.

It is worth noting that at the airport are:

  • Car parking;

  • Room Mother and Child (commercial services);

  • Superior Room;

  • ATM.



Nearest hotels and places of temporary residence are located close to the city of Kostroma:

  • Hotel "Volga";

  • Hotel "Premier";

  • Hotel "Troy."


Get to the airport Sokerkino Kostroma can be by using:

  • Regular buses;

  • Route taxis;

  • Personal vehicles;

  • Taxi.


The route network of the airport Sokerkino Kostroma


Today Sokerkino Kostroma Airport offers flights to Anapa, Vokhma and St. Petersburg. In addition, the airport also serves charter flights from various Russian airlines.


Basic data:

  • Serves regional flights in the central Russian city of Kostroma.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 57.8, longitude 41.02.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 4 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: KMW.

  • ICAO airport code: UUBA.

  • Internal code: COR.

  • Based airlines: Kostroma Air Enterprise (Kostroma airline).


Sokerkino Kostroma Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +74942492200.

  • Airport management phone: +74942356111.

  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Kostromskaya st., 120, Kostroma, Russia, 156012.


Airport Sokerkino Kostroma. Official site:


Airport Kostroma Airport Kostroma. Official site

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