Soviet Airport
Soviet Airport

Airport Sovetsky (Sovetsky Airport). Official site.

Soviet Airport is located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, the main purpose of which is the use of helicopter flights between population centers in the region and other regional centers of the Russian Federation.

Runway airport Soviet

Runway airport Soviet concrete pavement has a total length of its total 2200 meters and a width of 42 meters, which in turn allows you to take planes 2-4 classes, in particular, Tu-154, Tu-134, Yak-40 and other, lighter aircraft, including all types of helicopters.

Infrastructure Soviet airport

Despite the fact that the airport is in the small Soviet city, where there is sufficient infrastructure.

On the territory of the airport complex are:

  • A cafe;

  • Retail stores and kiosks;

  • Department of luggage;

  • ATM.

At the airport there is a car park.

The airport also has its own Soviet hotel complex has 10 numbers, but you can also use temporary residence located directly in the city:

  1. Hotel "Olympus";

  2. Hotel "Comfort";

  3. Hotel "Alexandria".

To get to the airport on a personal road transport or by resorting to the services of public transport.

Soviet route network

As of early September 2014, the airport Soviet cooperates with two Russian airlines among them "UTair"And"Gazpromavia". From the airport, flights are regularly carried out in Moscow, Nadym, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen and Beloyarskii.

Basic data:

  • Serves regional flights to Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug in the Soviet city.

  • Coordinates of the airport: latitude 61.33, longitude 63.61.

  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 6 / + 6.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: 4 km south of the Soviet city.

  • The number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: OVS.

  • ICAO airport code: USHS.

Soviet Airport on the map:

Contact details:

  • Email the airport:

  • Airport Fax: + 73467531130.

  • Telephone airport management: + 73467529295.

  • Telephone reference Airport: + 73467531976.

  • The mailing address of the airport: Sovetsky, KhMAO-Yugra, Tyumen region, Russia, 628240.

Airport Soviet. Official site :

Airport Soviet. Official site.

Airport Soviet Schedule:

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