Strezhevoy Airport
Strezhevoy Airport

Airport Strezhevoi (Strezhevoy Airport). Official site.



Strezhevoi Regional Airport is located in the northern part of the Tomsk region in the vicinity of the same city. Currently, the airport is used very little, however, civil flights performed yet.


Runway airport Strezhevoi



Strezhevoi Regional Airport has only one runway with a concrete covering length in meters and 1998 42 meters wide. The airport can receive aircraft 3-4 class: An-2, An-24, An-72, An-74, Yak-40, Tu-134 and other lighter types of aircraft and helicopter aircraft of all types.


Airport infrastructure Strezhevoi


Airport Strezhevoi a poorly developed infrastructure, but to a greater extent due to the fact that air transport is located on the site on a strategically important direction for civil aviation.

At the airport and in close proximity are:

  • Car parking;

  • A cafe;

  • retail store;

  • Branch for storage.



The nearest hotels are in the city Strezhevoi:

  1. Hotel "Pink";

  2. Hotel "North";

  3. The hotel "Oasis".


Get to the airport Strezhevoi you can take a taxi or personal car transport.


Route network Strezhevoi



Currently, the only airport operator Strezhevoi is airline 'Tomsk Avia"Which performs regular flights to Novosibirsk and Tomsk. In the near future, representatives of the airport intends to develop cooperation with a number of other Russian airlines.


Strezhevoi Airport on the map:


Basic data:

Serves regional flights in the north of the Tomsk region of Siberia to the city of Strezhevoy.

Airport coordinates: latitude 60.71, longitude 77.66.

GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 7 / + 7.

Country Airport location: Russia.

IATA airport code: SWT.

ICAO airport code: UNSS.

Internal code: STJ.

Basic airlines: Tomsk Avia (Tomsk Avia).


Airport Strezhevoi schedule:

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