Airport Ust-Ilim
Airport Ust-Ilim

Ust-Ilimsk Airport (Ust-Ilimsk Airport). Official site.

Airport Ust-Ilim was launched in its work in 1980 year, but compared with today, the greatest flowering of the airport received in 1993 - 1995 year, according to 2013 years, the airport of Ust-Ilim could serve only 500 passengers, although , in 2012 year passenger airport was only 250 people.

The history of the airport "Ust-Ilimsk"

Ust-Ilimsk airport began its work in 1980 year. In February of the same year, the first flight was carried out to the city of Irkutsk on the Yak-40 apparatus. From 1988, they began servicing Tu-154 type turbojets. A year later, a hotel was opened for quality passenger service.

A significant improvement in customer service started with 1993, when he was commissioned a brand new airport terminal with a capacity of 450 passengers per hour. On the runway of the aerodrome for the first time I landed a passenger plane Boeing-757 1994 year in June. In the same year it was purchased new telescopic ladders.

Additional construction work was carried out in 1997. At the same time, a control tower was built, and the runway was extended to 3,1 kilometers.

Despite the desire for development, the airport in its activities was unprofitable and had huge debts. In 2002, the Ust-Ilimsk airport was officially closed and declared bankrupt. The company's debt was more than 40 million rubles. Yet the final activity was completed in the 2005 year. During this time, a lot of airport property has been sold. Available jobs have collapsed greatly without the necessary cosmetic care. At the closure there was not even a security guard here, which brought even more damage, the locals looted everything they could. The take-off strip is used by local youth for racing cars.

Many times the authorities raised the issue of rebuilding the airport, but everything remained unchanged. Despite the low cost of the airport, no one wants to buy it.

Nevertheless, since June 2013, a company was organized by a decree of the Ust-Ilimsk city administration, which began operating the airfield. Already in August of the same year passenger traffic began to be carried out in the city of Irkutsk.

During the existence of the airport there were several accidents.

The first disaster occurred 29.10.1994 of the year with the An-12 cargo plane. He carried 4 cars and 12 tons of fish. For 2,1 kilometer from the landing strip, the car strongly bowed its nose at an angle of 50 degrees, after which the device crashed into a mound. At the same time on board were 7 crew members and 16 passengers. After the collision with the ground, the plane was badly destroyed, no one was able to survive.

Another incident occurred in August 1998, when an attempted terrorist attack was made on an Eastline Tu-154 aircraft. The flight attendant of the vessel, on which there were 97 passengers, found a note with the threat and demand to pay 100 thousands of dollars. Passengers managed to evacuate safely, but initially a terrorist and an explosive device were not found. During the investigation it turned out that the note was written by an 19-year-old girl from a local vocational school.

Runway airport Ust-Ilim

Airport Ust-Ilim has at its disposal one runway total length in meters and 3100 42 meters wide coated armobetona. The runway was reconstructed and enlarged to its present extent in 1997 year.

Airport Ust-Ilim can accept all types of helicopters and aircraft type An-24. Tu-134. Tu-154, Boeing 757 and other, lighter aircraft.

Infrastructure Airport Ust-Ilim

The infrastructure at the airport of Ust-Ilim is now completely absent. This is due primarily to the fact that the airport is not located on a strategic direction for civil aviation, and part of the airport complex requires urgent repair and reconstruction, since nine years of inactivity, the airport Ust-Ilim partially was destroyed.

Nearest hotels and places of temporary residence are 17 kilometers from the airport, in the city of Ust-Ilim:

  • Hotel "Fortuna";

  • Hotel "Ust-Ilim";

  • Hotel "Rus".

Route network Ust-Ilim

As 2014 year, the airport Ust-Ilim closely cooperates only one Russian airline "PANH", Which carries out regular flights from Irkutsk to twice a week. Meanwhile en However, if in the past year was marked by 100% increase in passenger traffic, but this year is planned to increase this figure to 600 people a year, which subsequently can attract new carriers.

Airport Ust-Ilimsk on the map:

Basic data:

  • Serves regional flights north of the Irkutsk region.

  • Year of the airport grounds: 1980.

  • Coordinates of the airport: latitude 58.14, longitude 102.57.

  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 9 / + 9.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: in 17 kilometers from the northwest of the city of Ust-Ilimsk.

  • The number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: UIK.

  • ICAO airport code: UIBS.

Airport Ust-Ilim schedule:

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