Abkhazia Airport in what city
Abkhazia Airport in what city

Airport in Abkhazia in what city: distance, location



Abkhazia is, first of all, a well-known resort for Russian tourists. Since 2012, it has only been gaining its popularity and is considered one of the most affordable financially. It is here that you can have a fairly cheap and great vacation on the Black Sea coast. Today, Russia and Abkhazia have a visa-free regime.

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Airport in Abkhazia. In a city like functions

Unfortunately, Abkhazia remains quite uncomfortable in respect of transport availability. To date, all airports Abkhazia 2: Sukhumi Babushara Airport and Bamboura. When one of them - Bamboura, which is located in the Gudauta district, the military. Sukhumi Babushara Airport, which is located in Sukhumi - the capital of Abkhazia, receives flights from the UN mission and Russian peacekeepers. Also, it may take perpetrated domestic helicopter flights.

There are two more local airports: Pitsunda and Pskhu. The first provides introductory flights, parachute jumping. Accepts private planes, hang gliders and helicopters. And Pskhu organizes flights according to the accumulation of those who wish, there is no exact schedule here. In winter, it is possible to fly only by helicopter, but in summer also by plane AN-2.

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Large airports Abkhazia.

1. Babushara. An airport near Sukhumi was built in the 1960s. It is located in the Gulrypsh district in the village of Babushara. It is also called Dranda. During the times of the Soviet Union, flights were made from it to a large number of cities in the USSR, and helicopter flights were possible to several settlements of Abkhazia. In the 1970s, the thickness of the airfield cover was increased by 20 cm.This gave a huge advantage and made it possible to receive aircraft of the Il-76 type. In the early 1980s, a second air terminal was opened; it is currently not operational. At the same time, the runway was lengthened, it was possible to receive the Il-86. In summer, the number of passengers could fluctuate around 5 thousand people per day, but in winter up to 1 thousand. It was closed in 1993.

As a result, it turns out that the Babushara airfield can receive aircraft of the type Il-86, Tu-154, as well as Il-76, besides them, also lighter ones, which belong to class A. Due to its location, landing at the airfield is possible from two directions ... It is here that the national company Abkhaz Airlines is located. Unfortunately, the airport needs a major overhaul.

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ICAO does not recognize Sukhumi Babushara Airport airport as an international. This is due to the fact that they consider Georgia a unified country. Accordingly, it can not function without the permission of the authorities. After the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia, there were abandoned planes: the Tu-134, Tu-154, as well as personal Yak-40 (Eduard Shevardnadze).

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During the war in South Ossetia, for the first time in 15 years, a military transport aircraft from Russia landed, which delivered military equipment and paratroopers. And already in September 2008, a flight was made from Russia by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Unfortunately, as of today, and the airport remains closed to international flights.

2. Bamboura is an airport in Abkhazia. What city is he in. It is located in Gudauta and is considered one of the largest airports in the Caucasus. It is one of the military bases of the Russian Federation. The runway is 4 kilometers long and ends 60-70 meters from the sea. This allows you to fly at low altitudes, so it is harder to detect them with radar. The airport can receive combat and military transport aircraft.

Both the airport at the time operated successfully, but they are closed today.