Airport Vinnitsa Gavrishevka
Airport Vinnitsa Gavrishevka

Airport Gavrishevka Vinnitsa (Vinnitsa Gavrishevka Airport). Official site.

Airport Vinnitsa (Gavrishovka) is located in the Vinnytsia region (Ukraine), about 7,5 km east of the w / d station Vinnitsa city and 1 km southwest of Gavrishovka village. It has transport interchange (rail and road) for the transportation of goods and passengers across Ukraine and beyond.

Built in the year 1983. Operates regular flights to some 1999 years, after which the operation ended. Airport took a purely individual charters. At the expense of the regional budget in 2008, it was decided to resume the operation of the airport.

In December 2008 years by order of the Cabinet of Ministers was opened international point type pass for passenger traffic. Since 2009 year "Vinnitsa" airport becomes the point of reception of seasonal charter flights from the Hasidim who commit mass annual pilgrimage to the grave of the spiritual leader of Hasidism in Uman (Ukraine). A May 2013 years carried out flights twice a week at Vnukovo (Moscow) airport from the airport by the airline "Motor Sich".

The length of the runway is 2,5 km. The airfield can receive airplanes all year round, without limitation, any time of day. It operated for takeoffs, landings and control aircraft 5 and below the index. Accepted aircraft weighing up to 135 tons: AN-2, An-24, An-26, L-410, Tu-134, An-12, An-74, An-30, Tu-154, IL-76, IL-18 , 320-Airbus, Boeing-737, 40-Yak, Yak-42. In addition, the airport is a place-based 456-th separate Joint Aviation Brigade, which includes IL-22 planes, Mi-8, 26-An, An-24.

. Size - 3994 566 x m runway has the following characteristics: 1) length - 2500 m, width - 42 m (extension - 67 m); 2) type of coverage - armobetonnoe; 3) is equipped with a lighting system.

Recently there was an overhaul of the airport complex, so that its capacity increased to 400 people per hour. Equip the new luggage compartment, set the conveyor.

"Vinnitsa" The airport can provide ground handling services for operations:

1. Connection of power supply to the aircraft (APA-5D and stationary.

2. Refueling with PMM, gases and special substances.

3. Waste disposal.

4. Aircraft sanitization.

5. Maintenance of bathrooms.

6. Cleaning the salon.

7. Delivery of drinking water.

8. Supply of ladders and vehicles.

9. Aircraft towing.

10. Provision of aviation security and aircraft parking.

11. Emergency rescue support.

Basic data:


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  • Airport country: Ukraine .
  • Vinnitsa International Airport in the center of Ukraine.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 28.61, latitude 49.24.
  • Geographical location: the village of Gavrishevka, Vinnitsa district, Vinnitsa region, Ukraine, 23202.
  • Number of airport terminals: 1.


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The main airport code:

  • IATA airport code: VIN.
  • ICAO airport code: UKWW.
  • Internal airport code: WINES.



Contact details:

  • E. mail Airport: [email protected]
  • City airport management telephone: + 380432-35-57-68
  • City airport information phone: +38067 321 000-6-XNUMX
  • Accounting: + 380432-27-56-63
  • Transportation department: +380432 52-49-79 and +380432 69-02-70
  • Airport Fax: +380432324875.


Airport Gavrishevka Vinnitsa (Vinnitsa Gavrishevka Airport).

Official site 

Airport Gavrishevka Vinnitsa (Vinnitsa Gavrishevka Airport)


Additional services Vinnitsa airport:

  • Parking
  • Meteorological Service
  • Services for passengers with disabilities



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