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Vnukovo airport 3 - vip terminal and business aviation center Vnukovo 3

Business Aviation Center Vnukovo 3

Business aviation services are appreciated for the high level of comfort, the ability to fly out on a pre-scheduled date, and the quick passage of all procedures. Passengers of charter flights check in through separate terminals, which are in most major airports. The largest business aviation center in Moscow is Vnukovo-z. This is a stand-alone complex designed for the organization of domestic and international flights on private jets.


Features of the Vnukovo-3 terminal

Business Aviation Center Vnukovo 3 Is a huge complex consisting of two terminals, hangars for parking and servicing aircraft and a guarded parking lot for passenger cars. The entire territory of the center is monitored continuously. Vnukovo-3 has 7 of its own planes and receives various types of business jets used in charter flights. More than 150 aircraft can be simultaneously located on the aprons, and up to 100 airliners can be accommodated in hangars. The airport employs staff, most of whom are fluent in foreign languages, so there are no difficulties in serving foreign tourists and guests.

Vnukovo 3

Vnukovo-3 accounts for three quarters of charter flights organized by private carriers in our country. Dozens of heads of large corporations, politicians, showmen, sports teams are served in VIP terminals every day. Only the clients of Vnukovo can enter the territory, so passengers here do not have to worry about their safety and have no doubt that their personal space will not be violated for no particular reason.

Terminal Vnukovo-3, focused on domestic flights, opened in the early 2000s. Its total area is almost 5 thousand meters. On the territory of the internal terminal there are 2 meeting rooms, a lounge area for rest, a bar, an ATM. The capacity is up to 40 people per hour. The internal terminal is being prepared for reconstruction, after which its territory will almost triple, there will be a play area for children, halls of increased comfort and all conditions necessary for comfortable movement and service of persons with disabilities will be provided.

The international terminal at Vnukovo-3 is larger and better in terms of infrastructure compared to the domestic one. The area of ​​the territory is about 7 thousand meters, the throughput capacity reaches 120 passengers per hour. Fully equipped meeting rooms are available to clients. The terminal has ATMs of the world's major banks, boutiques and a duty-free shop. The waiting time for the flight can be spent in a special recreation area with a fountain and video equipment. In the bars you can enjoy the exquisite taste of European dishes, order elite alcoholic drinks.

The terminal for organizing international flights to Vnukovo-3 was built and equipped in accordance with international requirements. Passengers with limited mobility feel comfortable here, the China Friendly program has been implemented, duplicating all information on the website, electronic displays, ATMs in Chinese. This approach allows us to attract more and more clients from Asian countries.

On the ground floor there is a medical center, which is open 24 hours a day. For personnel (pilots, flight attendants) there are separate Transit Crew Lounge and Briefing Room. They provide all the conditions for recreation - sleeping places, showers, Internet access, dry cleaning services, a coffee machine.

Vnukovo 3

At Vnukovo airport there is a VIPPORT company that provides all the services of the operator, that is, the organizer of charter flights. She is in charge of slot approval, visa support for crew members, ground handling of the vehicle, organization of transfers, on-board meals, hotel reservations for passengers and pilots.


Types of business jets serviced at Vnukovo-3

The technical equipment of Vnukovo-3, long runways and high professionalism of the service personnel allows it to receive almost all aircraft used today in business aviation. The airport catalog contains more than 5 thousand models differing in class, passenger capacity, and layout. The airport accepts both outdated aircraft and brand new ones business jets.

Bombardier, Falcon, Learjet, Challenger, Hawker aircraft are especially popular among passengers. Boeings, Airbus, Sukhoi Superjet, Yak-40 VIP are often chosen for exclusive flights.

The classification and class of the aircraft when renting aircraft at CBA Vnukovo-3 are selected taking into account:

  • Board capacity;
  • Flight range;
  • Client's requirements for conditions on board;
  • Features of the host airport.

After ordering a private jet, the client is offered several vessels to choose from. After determining the aircraft, the route is developed and the date and time of departure are determined.



The International Business Aviation Center focuses on more than just air travel. A separate helipad (Heliport) has been built not far from the main complex, the operation of which does not interfere with the operation of the runway. Thus, both airliners and helicopters can take off from Vnukovo-3 at the same time.

Heliport Vnukovo-3 is equipped with hangars for helicopters with an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. meters. They not only store air transport, but also carry out its maintenance, including repairs if necessary.


Advantages of Vnukovo-3

Business Aviation Center Vnukov-3 is:

  • Possibility of renting almost any aircraft used in business aviation;
  • High class service for passengers and crews - VIP terminals are equipped with everything necessary for waiting, quick check-in, rest, conducting business negotiations, if necessary;
  • Preparing the aircraft for departure as quickly as possible;
  • Registration of all necessary documents that may be required before and after a private flight;
  • Safety. Each aircraft in Vnukovo-3 undergoes thorough pre-flight training, the crew is checked by doctors before departure, which allows detecting the slightest deviations in the work of their bodies;
  • Guarded parking, where the client can leave his car until the return arrival;
  • Close location to Borovskoye highway, which allows you to get to the airfield complex by any ground transport;
  • Personal manager who is able to solve all the issues that have arisen in the terminal in a few minutes;
  • Possibility to transport valuable goods and pets;
  • The best location in the region above sea level, allowing you to launch aircraft into the sky even in not too favorable weather conditions
  • Simplified passenger check-in;
  • Fast Track service is an individual escort of a passenger in the terminal, which is especially necessary if the client does not speak Russian.
  • The possibility of organizing any type of flight - between cities and regions, countries and continents.

Vnukovo-3 is often used for private flights of medical aircraft and ships carrying Russian national sports teams. The airport's high level of service is enjoyed by politicians and businessmen; some of the complex serves Roscosmos passengers.