AeroVironment RQ-14 DRAGON EYE
AeroVironment RQ-14 DRAGON EYE

AeroVironment RQ-14 DRAGON EYE

Research Laboratory of the US Navy in conjunction with the Laboratory of combat systems USMC created in the early 2001, the mobile complex with a mini-UAV RQ-14. It was developed to meet the requirements of the Marine Corps leadership to the intelligence of small class unmanned systems, the purpose of which is to equip lower-ranking groups tactical level. The system called Dragon Eye provides a flow of intelligence in real time.

Tests of the prototype UAV took place in June of 2001 years. The tender for the production of this system has won the firm Aero Vironment.

Machine control is represented by autopilot and remote piloting operator with the NSO. Of the funds payload bespilotnike has TV and infrared cameras that transmit images to the ground in the online mode.

Dragon Eye UAV was tested in combat, participating in "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Although it is here identified deficiencies in the system, in general, it has proved itself well. Therefore, in November 2003 the firm Aero Vironment signed a contract with the US Marine Corps for the supply of systems 467 Dragon Eye, each of which was completed three UAVs. Interest in the unmanned reconnaissance system showed its part and other countries. In particular, it was tested the Australian military fleet.

A modified version of the UAV RQ-14B Swift has some more weight, he manned the more powerful batteries, making the maximum flight duration increased from 60 80 minutes before. The complex UAV universal service for all UAV company Aero Vironment controls.

AeroVironment RQ-14 DRAGON EYE.Harakteristiki:


Modification   RQ-14A
Wingspan, m   1.14
Length m   0.91
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  takeoff   2.7
engine's type   2 ED Aveox 1005 / 6Y
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   65
Cruising speed, km / h   35
Practical range, km   10
The duration of the flight, ch.min   1.00
Practical ceiling, m   300


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