AeroVironment WASP
AeroVironment WASP

AeroVironment WASP

Wasp is a reconnaissance UAV mikroklassa as developed by the specialists of the company Aero Vironment. The first flight of this model dates back to the drone 2007 year. The project was executed in cooperation with the firm DARPA. The contract to develop unmanned Wasp concluded in 1998 year. Create UAV was based on the experience gained by the project unmanned aerial mikroapparata BlackWidow.

The purpose of Wasp is to observe, indicate targets, adjust fire and assess the damage done to enemy positions. This kind of drone is practically invulnerable in flight. Due to its small size, it is very difficult to hit it even with a sniper rifle. Thanks to this, the operation of the Wasp micro-UAV is effective not only for passive surveillance, but also for flying at low altitudes over enemy territory.

This unit is the smallest of all the drones, which are in wide use. If you cut off communication with the command center controls the UAV is automatically routed to the starting point using the coordinates of GPS-navigation.

The payload unit is represented by two mini-cameras that perform the collection and transmission of information in real time.

The power plant is presented UAV WASP motor, which is powered by electric energy from the battery, recharge in turn by solar panels.

The first flight of the UAV modified Wasp Block III was held in April 2007, he is equipped with optical-electronic color cameras, directed sideways and forward, as well as more modular load - infrared or optical sensors. This modification of the UAV has a range of work to 5 km from the transmitter and may hold a flight duration of up to 45 min.

22.05.2012, the company Aero Vironment introduced small-sized UAV Wasp AE and announced the inclusion of this machine in the program BATMAV, conducted by the US Air Force. Air Force of the United States under this program, signed a contract for the supply of UAVs Wasp AE total cost of nearly $ 2,5 million.

Air Force carefully analyzed the possibilities of this drone for compliance with the requirements of the program for the device. Successful completion of the research will contribute to the further purchases of the Air Force and the appearance of new customers.

The Wasp AE model is the result of the continuous improvement of the line of Wasp unmanned aerial vehicles previously used by the US Air Force and the US Marine Corps for missions related to reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance. Wasp UAV transmits information over a digital channel and is compatible with other company products: Shrike VTOL, Raven, Puma and portable NSOs. Also, it is possible to transfer data over encrypted communication channels, operate the device outside the line of sight and transmit text, voice and video information. These advantages give the miniature machine an installed mini device "Mantis" weighing 275 grams, which can additionally transmit images in the infrared range.

Takeoff weight UAV Wasp AE - 1,3 kg, maximum speed during the flight is 83 km / h. The maximum range of the drone up to 10 km, duration of the flight - 50 minutes.

The launch of the Wasp AE UAV is done by hand, it can land on water and land, making it a universal unmanned vehicle. The developers are now engaged in work aimed at increasing the maximum height and range of the machine. 

AeroVironment WASP. Characteristics:

Modification   Wasp ae
Wingspan, m   1.20
Length m   0.76
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  takeoff   1.3
engine's type   1 ED
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   83
Cruising speed, km / h   37
Radius of action, km   5
The duration of the flight, ch.min   0.50
Practical ceiling, m   150


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