AFM Servers PTERO CM Multi-purpose lightweight UAVs
AFM Servers PTERO CM Multi-purpose lightweight UAVs

AFM Servers PTERO CM Multi-purpose lightweight UAVs

The development of the project "Ptero" began to engage in "AFM Servers" in 2004 year. Unmanned aviation complex "Ptero-SM" is designed for aerial photography or as a carrier of various payloads at any time in the automatic mode.

Features of the complex and functions:

  • Planned and promising shooting.

  • Curing transverse and longitudinal with respect to the coatings surface.

  • Hold drone on the route up to 5 m in height.

  • The fluctuations of pitch and roll in the direction of a straight line not exceeding 2 degree.

  • At cruising speed the minimum turning radius of 100 m.

  • Getting the coordinates of the shooting, using a differential GPS (GLONASS) receiver.

  • Versatility useful carrier for an arbitrary load (within specified operating constraints and small).

  • Getting geo-referenced data objects, allowing you to identify the location of the facility up to 15 meters in relation to geographic coordinates.

  • The ability to classify objects from the data and pinpoint its dimensions with an accuracy of up to 1 meters.

  • Through the flight at an altitude of 150 m, you can identify an object the size of 10 see.

  • The possibility of re-launching drones later 1 hour after landing.

  • The possibility to equip the machine television equipment.

Thanks to the software, you can set:

  • Develop a plan for aerial route line or polygon objects with a side overlap.

  • Flight plan route tasks at any time in the automatic mode, with the possibility of correcting the course of the flight route.

  • The supply and control commands to change the parameters of the drone, changing the mode of its operation.

  • Conducting reference to spatial dimensions of objects in specific programs, geographic information systems (these programs are not included in the basic version of the complex).

Flight of the LHC "Ptero" consists of UAV type G0, to which a payload in the form aerofotograficheskogo module and other elements that are not part of the standard composition of the LHC.

The fuselage elements placed onboard and electronic equipment, fuel tanks, and also provides space for a payload, such as thermal imaging equipment or aerofotograficheskogo module, etc. The fuselage is made in a constructive manner for the type of monocoque and is made of high-strength composite material.

The power plant is represented by a single-cylinder four-stroke internal combustion engine Saito FG-36. This engine is very easy to use and does not require a detailed study it.

In bespilotnike "Ptero CM" You can use the payload for different purposes, which is located in the payload module. Thus you can place aerofotografichesky module, thermal imaging equipment and various other equipment that meets the requirements of on-board power supply. The module is located in a compartment № 2 fuselage. Dimensions of the cover up 28h23h22 see, the module must be smaller than a bay.

Module weight can not exceed 5 kg. If you plan to use a non-standard payload is necessary to coordinate the integration of the equipment in the drone with the manufacturer of the LHC.

Each wing console is divided into external and internal technological compartments. They are designed to accommodate different equipment for UAVs and provide a technological approach to wing communications. 

AFM Servers PTERO CM Multi-purpose lightweight UAV. Characteristics:

Modification   Ptero-SM
Wingspan, m   3.13
Length m   2.14
Height, m  
Wing area, m2  
Weight, kg  
  empty   16
  maximum take-off   21
engine's type   1 ICE Saito FG-36
power, kWt   X 1 2.7
Maximum speed km / h   170
Cruising speed, km / h   85-115
Range, km   800
Flight duration, h   8
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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