AirBaltic takes the equivalent currency - Bitcoin
AirBaltic takes the equivalent currency - Bitcoin

AirBaltic takes the equivalent currency - Bitcoin



The Latvian company AirBaltic, Confirmed that currently accepts as payment e-currency equivalent - Bitcoin.

Experts believe that the company is acting in this way, exposing their financial calculations at risk. Although action on AirBaltic can make some major agencies, the leading online ticket booking, to take as payment Bitcoin, and it is quite possible to be an example for other agents.

Bitcoin- is very unstable electronic currency, which earlier this goal, subjected to hacking by hackers. AirBaltic creates a situation associated with the risk of significant financial resources, but the company is using the higher commission rate of $ 5.99 euros from a transaction carried out in Bitcoin, hopes for a favorable outcome of such operations.

But the actions of AirBaltic, can lead to a significant loss of funds if the big agencies will start using Bitcoin en masse, and in the event of collapse, will lose their current funds.

While Bitcoin transactions are not officially recognized by the international financial regulatory authorities of the leading countries of the world, to carry out such calculations with the use of electronic currency is considered to be premature and dangerous action

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