Airbus A330
Airbus A330

Airbus A330

Wide-body airliner Airbus A330, aircraft company «Airbus SAS», designed for long-haul airlines.

Airbus SAS officially announced the development of the aircraft in June 1987. Although the project began to work much earlier. The main objective of this project was to compete with the American aircraft-building company The Boeing Company on the market of long-haul airliners, as well as to replace the A300B2. The basis for the aircraft being developed was the Airbus A300B2. The first flight of the Airbus A330-300 took place on November 2 of the year 1992. Test trials continued until December 1994. At the end of 1995, the construction of a shortened version of the A330-200 liner began, which first flew into the sky in August 13 1997 of the year. A certificate for this model was obtained in 1998 year. The first order for this model was made by Canada-3000 in February 1998. The main competitor for the A330-200 is the American Boeing 767-300ER. The main difference between the low-end model A330-200 and the A330-300 is the shorter fuselage of 6 meters, which is ten sections, with an equal area of ​​the wing.

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On A330 well as on the family applied A320 system Fly-by-Wire and six multifunction display to display all the flight information and control systems on board. Cravings in A330-300 provide two motor «Rolls-Royce Trent700», «P & W PW4000» or «GE-CF6-80E», compliant ETOPS-180. Salon A330-300 440 allows you to place up to a certain class of passengers.

Today, the A330-300 is the largest twin-engine passenger aircraft of Airbus SAS.

But 330-d is used not only as a passenger liner. On this basis it is made as transport and military options. Modification A330-200F applies to cargo aircraft medium-scale, designed for long-haul flights.

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Cargo A330 capable of carrying on board more than 70 tons of cargo.

Military modifications include A330-200 MRTT and A330-200 FSTA (KC-30) models.

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These aircraft can be used as tanker aircraft, and play the role of transport aircraft. The A330-200 MRTT and KC-30 tankers are capable of transporting up to 110 tons of fuel with refueling of two aircraft in the air at the same time.

Characteristics Airbus A330-300:

Years of production: 1987 - present.

Empty weight: 123100 kg. (120500 kg. In A330-200)

Length: 63,69 m (58,82m. A330 in-200)

Height: 16,83 m. (17,39m. A330 in-200)

Wingspan: 60,30 m.

Wing area: 361,6 sq.m.

The diameter of the fuselage: 5,64 m.

Cruising speed: 840 km / h.

Maximum speed: 990 km / h.

Range of flight: 10800 km. (13400 km. From A330-200)

Ceiling: 12500 m.

the run length: 2500 m.

path length: 1750 m.

The number of passenger seats: 240 - 440 places

Crew: 2 person

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