Airbus A350H. A photo. Characteristics.
Airbus A350H. A photo. Characteristics.

Airbus A350H. A photo. Characteristics.


Perhaps few people know that the Airbus company is currently developing a concept of its future aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing system known as Airbus A350H. Announced dates for the first test aircraft fall only 2050 year, but the company's management does not itself exclude the possibility that the development of modern science and technology, this date may be moved to an earlier date.

Sama airliner design looks fantastic, and is more like an alien ship: smooth transitions, fully aerodynamic shape, high maneuverability, etc. Dimensions Airbus A350H aircraft also impressive - the scope of its wings will be 50 meters, length about 70 meters and a height of an airliner is about 20 meters.

Airbus A350H concept

According to official statements by the Airbus company, the concept of an airliner of the future is taken after seeing the dolphins, and indeed, this trail can be traced very clearly. With these forms, it will increase significantly the maneuverability of the aircraft, and given that this is the aircraft with vertical take-off, then these qualities will fall very handy.

Airbus A350H concept photo

At the moment it is known that the airliner will have 6 engines running on reduced hydrogen, which makes such flights completely environmentally friendly. Four engines will serve as rocket nozzles, and they will be used solely for the vertical movement of the aircraft, in particular for climbing the required height. After the airplane Airbus A350H reaches the required altitude, the nozzle power will decay, and the two engines located in the tail section, on the contrary, will increase their thrust, thereby allowing the aircraft to fly between destinations.

The designers of Airbus did not rule out the possibility that the plane would be supersonic, as its shape allows to realize this idea, but it is assumed that its speed will not exceed 3 Mach (speed of sound) due to security reasons. The number of passengers who will be able to take the airliner on its side, is not specified, but on the basis of Airbus A350H aircraft sizes, it can be assumed that their number will be between one and a half thousand.

Airbus A350H

It is likely that in the very near future we will be able to see not only the first test of the aircraft, but also may be able to make it on its first flight.

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