Airbus A380
Airbus A380

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Imagine a huge airplane about 73 meters and a height of a little more than 24 meters, it is almost an eight-story building, which has a wingspan of almost 80 meters and can accommodate up to 853 passengers. Although you probably are among those who have seen, and maybe even, and flew into the belly of the chetyrehdvigatelnogo "monster".

And this beauty is not far tip of the technological ideas of engineers, designers, builders and the other, a huge number of people the corporation "the Airbus", as well as other companies, without which it would not be born of such a huge "chick" - Airbus A380, Double-deck weighing 280 tons, wide-body liner, flying on long flights.

The development A380 took over twelve billion euros. And about ten years of development. And its capacity to 35 percent more than that of its main competitor Boeing 747. One of the problems in the construction A380 weight was a problem because the extra kilogram load increases the consumption of precious fuel.

Airbus A380 photo

Airbus A380 photo


Therefore, it was necessary to make the outer shell as light as possible, but at the same time as strong as possible. For this purpose, a combination of a large amount of a new aluminum alloy was used which is lighter and has better impact strength than conventional aluminum alloys and composite materials, including those based on fiberglass. Since the factories for the production of components for the liner are located not only in France, but also in other countries such as Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, for the delivery of components to Toulouse, Airbis SAS has built a special transport ship for this purpose, for delivery Parts of the fuselage, waterways.


Airbus A380 cabin

Airbus A380 2


Rolls-Royce Trent-900 engines or Engine Alliance GP-7000 engines are installed on the airliner. The A380 uses the latest integrated modular avionics IMA (Integrated modular avionics), which was first used on a modern fifth generation fighter F-22. In the cockpit, there are eight, 15x20 cm, display, where all flight information is displayed, and the state data of the onboard systems. 

The first flight of Airbus A380-800 with Rolls Royce engines made in April 27 2005 years. A transatlantic flight took place on January 10 2006 years. And in December 12 2006, the modification A380-841 Trent900 with engines certified. Version with motor GP-7000 has received the certificate in the year 2007 14 December.


Emirates logo miniBest Seats on Airbus A380-800 - Emirates

The best seats on the Airbus A380-800 - Lufthansa


Airbus A380 interior scheme

Airbus A380 3


In addition to the basic version, there is an option A380 and luxury finishes, where passengers have their own bed, bar, lounge and gym. Liner A380, is able to make flights without refueling at a distance equal to fifteen thousand kilometers.

It is also proposed to manufacture a cargo version - A380-800F, with a carrying capacity of more than 145 tons and a range of 10 thousand kilometers.


Product specifications Airbus A380-800:


  • Years of production: 2004 - currently.
  • Length: 67,90 m.
  • Height: 24,09 m.
  • Wingspan: 79,75 m.
  • Wing area: 845 m.
  • The diameter of the fuselage: 7,14 m.
  • Cruising speed: 900 km / h.
  • Maximum speed:  1020 km / h.
  • Range of flight:  15200 km.
  • Ceiling:  13100 m.
  • the run length: 2050 m.
  • path length: 2900 m.
  • Number of passengers: 480 - 853 places
  • Crew: 2 person


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Airbus A380 video


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an incredible plane!

When you fly, feeling as if you ride on the back of a giant

Just think that by December 2015 179 has been sold such aircraft at the unit cost in 400 million. Dollars. on the total amount of ~ 73 billion dollars !!!!! Aircraft development costs 12 billion. evro.Do crisis in rubles aircraft cost about 13 billion rubles !!!. after the crisis, it is 33 billion rubles !!!!


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