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Airbus A400M Atlas

Airbus A400M Atlas



In the UK Royal Air Force received the first Airbus A400M Atlas tactical air transport, to form the first squadron for 2015 years. The plane had arrived from the aircraft factory in Seville, Spain.
Airbus A400M is the first of 22 aircraft ordered by the United Kingdom with delivery to 2018 years. The main recipients of the aircraft will be European countries: France - 50 uniform. Spain - 27 uniform. Germany - 53 uniform. and the United Kingdom - 22 unit.

Airbus A400M Atlas - is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. Project work and production Processing Division Airbus Military.
The aircraft was designed as a transport glider to replace the outmoded Transall C-160 and Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules. Besides transport ship can function as electronic surveillance and air refueling.

The plane Airbus A400M Atlas

Today 174 ordered aircraft to be delivered in 8 countries. In March 2013 year, the aircraft was issued a certificate of safety with full certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The first aircraft was delivered to Air France, August 2013 years. The total cost of the liner is 152.4 million. Euro.


The aircraft has a cargo bay:

  • Length - 17.71 m
  • width - 4 m,
  • Height - 3.85 m
  • 5.4 m long ramp.


To perform tactical missions aircraft is equipped with various equipment intended:

  • for the transportation of goods;

  • transport and landing of troops;

  • as the tanker;

  • transportation of the wounded;

  • electronic intelligence.

Airbus A400M has wings made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. As used propellers 8-lobed screw made of a composite material. On each wing screws rotate in the opposite direction, which is rarely used.


The plane Airbus A400M Atlas

The aircraft is a new infrared sensor warning of missile attack "Miras".


The plane Airbus A400M Atlas cockpit


  • crew - 3 4 or pilot;

  • load - 37 t, 116 people 66 personnel or stretchers with the wounded;

  • dimensions: length -45.1 m, height - 14.7 m;

  • wingspan - 42.4 m;

  • Weight (gross) - 76.5 t;

  • maximum takeoff weight - 141 t;

  • fuel capacity - 50.5 t;

  • powerplant - 4H Europrop TP400-D6, 11000 hp power each;

  • cruising speed - 780 km / h;

  • range flights - 3298 km;

  • flight range - 8710 km;

  • ceiling climb - 11300 m;

  • Runway - lifting -980 m, landing 770 m.

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