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Airbus Group sells its stake Dassault Aviation

Airbus Group sells its stake Dassault Aviation



The company Airbus Group is planning to sell its stake of 46.22% of the company Dassault Aviation.

Dassault Aviation - French aircraft manufacturer, which produces military and commercial aircraft Business Class. Founded in 1930, Marcel Bloch. Over its history, the company has undergone a number of transformations, and its present name was given in 1990 year. Shareholders of the company are; Dassault Group - 50.21%, EADS - 46.22% and the number of investors -3.57%.

The company's products are widely known to consumers - a series of Mirage fighter jets and airliners Business Class Falcon. Although these companies in their in size and scale of trafficking are very different, but competing in the development and production of military fighter, which would become the dominant countries of the European Union. Is attempting to consolidate the two programs for the production of a prototype fighter, but they all ended in vain.
The company Dassault, family group for many years, fiercely defended their independence and resisted the efforts of the French government, the company is trying to take control of the floor and turn it into Aerospatiale, which is now part of Airbus Group. Dassault Rafale Fighter is a competitor Eurofighter Typoon, in which creation takes an active part by Airbus. Typhoon is created with the participation of several European countries - France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain.

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Dassault company is trying to sell his model in India, which oppose officials from European governments. Ongoing intensive discussion honey countries interested in promoting their model: Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, Gripen (Sweden). Can Europe afford to build 2 competing military fighter? But the final decision is likely to be obtained when one of the programs will be closed permanently.
In the absence of export orders for fighter Rafale, the administration of a dismal prospects. In addition, the French Air Force and Navy are cutting plans for the purchase of aircraft 280. The economic crisis makes re-adjust the program, bringing the order to purchase 11 aircraft per year.

Nevertheless, almost 20 years after the project was launched, Rafale has attracted more attention abroad. At the same time, Airbus plans to sell shares worth about Dassault 6.5 bln. Dollars, thereby simplifying the relationship between the two industrial groups.

The Dassault Group, apart from aircraft manufacturing, has assets in the real estate business, in winemaking. It includes companies Sabca, Belgian contractor Tier, software manufacturer Dassault Systems. The family owns the leading weekly newspaper Le Figaro. Last year, Dassault's revenues amounted to 4.59 billion euros and the company's total number was 11600 employees, while the revenue of the Airbus group increased to 59.2 billion euros, of which 67% accounted for aircraft construction. Airbus aims to increase diversification by acquiring companies engaged in the manufacture of military aircraft. Refusal to merge in 2012 with BAE Systems, had a negative impact on the company's expansion plans.

The Dassault-Aviation Business Jet Falcon 7X

Business structure of Dassault consists of 75% of income received by Falcon and 25% of the other units.
Despite periodic economic crises, the group Dassault, is profitable, using highly efficient production, seeking to expand and develop their production.

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