Aircargonews - the leading resource in the aviation industry
Aircargonews - the leading resource in the aviation industry

Aircargonews - the leading resource in the aviation industry




Do you want to always be aware of the news of cargo and business aviation? In this case, become a regular reader of the portal. Aircargonews - the leading professional information and analytical publication in runet.


Aircargo: read all

Specificity of the portal Aircargo is that the materials posted on the site will be of interest to both industry professionals and amateurs.

In the media staff, correspondents are working, making reports from around the world, thanks to which the materials published on the site are multifaceted and very interesting.

In addition to news, the site publishes topical interviews with leaders. aviation industry, expert comments, photographs of aircraft and many other useful information.


For the convenience of readers on the site there are several thematic sections. The rubric "Aviation News" is constantly updated so that you are always aware of what is happening in the field of aviation.

Aircargonews - the leading resource in the aviation industry1


The section "Private Aviation" acquaints readers with the latest developments in this field. Here you can find interesting materials about business jets, novelties, curious developments.

In the heading "Cargo Aviation" you will read all about cargo transportation. This section is more focused on industry professionals.

The section "Helicopters" will tell about all the interesting things that are connected with rotorcraft. New models, incidents, exclusive facts - read about all this here.


The section "Accidents" is dedicated to all the events from the world. aviation. Here you will read about disasters, which, unfortunately, happen even today, emergency landings made by airliners, cases with passengers on board.

The section "Useful information" is mainly devoted to all possible changes in the rules for the carriage of goods and passengers, and amendments to the legislation.

Aircargonews - the leading resource in the aviation industry


Finally, the "Reports" publishes statistical data. It is here that you read important information about the work of airports, financial statements of the largest air carriers, data on the state of air traffic by months and much more.



Booking an airplane ticket

On the portal Aircargonews a convenient service of booking a plane ticket and hotel online.

Use the service that the broker supports AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), very simply on the profile site To do this, just fill in the following boxes:

  • city ​​of departure;

  • city ​​of arrival;

  • date of flight back and forth;

  • number of passengers and class (economy or business).


After you click the "Find Tickets" button, the system will begin to search for the flight. Please note that simultaneously with the tickets for the plane you can search for hotels.

You will receive the offers of dozens of air carriers with the exact cost of the flight, from which you can choose the one that suits you. Be sure that you buy a ticket at an honest price, because the service operates without intermediaries.


So, just one click separates you from interesting excursions, relaxing on the beach, skating on a yacht, and maybe business negotiations and lucrative deals. Just click the "Buy" button and pay the ticket in a non-cash way. After that it is necessary to check emails: an electronic document will be sent to your inbox. Just print it before leaving for the airport and enjoy the journey!


Aircargonews: we make your life more interesting and easier!