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US intelligence scared Congress with Russian hypersonic weapons

Only Russia possesses hypersonic strategic missile systems, Paul Freistler, a leading science and technology expert at the US military intelligence agency, said at a congressional hearing.

According to him. the Avangard system (US designation SS-19 Mod 4) is the only deployed strategic hypersonic system. Freistler pointed out to congressmen the threat that the missiles of the complex could overcome US defense systems and sensors.

He reminded lawmakers that adversaries of the United States continue to develop new weapons systems that could pose a serious threat to the United States.

Recall that the first regiment of strategic hypersonic missiles of the Avangard system took up combat duty in 2019. The second regiment should take up duty in 2023.

Hypersonic missiles fly at speeds that exceed the speed of sound by more than 5 times.

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