US warplanes
US military aircraft of the Second World War: 5 best

US military aircraft of World War II


During the Second World War the United States used thousands of military aircraft, which largely determined the success of their victory over Japan. However, the planes themselves, uchuvstvovat on the battlefield, despite the fact that since its last global use was about 70 years, are worthy of attention, and to the present day.

In total, during the Second World War, the Americans used 27 models of fighter planes, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there are 5, which should be awarded special attention.



  1. The most recognizable American aircraft of WWII is, of course, the P-51, better known as the Mustang. For ten years, starting from 1941, 17 thousand combat aircraft were produced, which actively manifested themselves in battles both over Europe and over the Pacific Ocean. An interesting fact is that the release of such a large number of aircraft was primarily associated with the morale suppression of the enemy, but in reality it turned out somewhat differently - for about one enemy aircraft shot down there were two downed P-51 Mustangs. As for the technical characteristics of the aircraft, they were very modern for their time. The aircraft could easily accelerate to its cruising speed of 580 kilometers per hour, and, if necessary, squeeze the maximum out of the aircraft, the pilot could accelerate the combat vehicle to 700 kilometers per hour, which in some cases exceeds the speed of even modern aircraft. The P-1984 Mustang was officially retired from service, although de facto it was two decades earlier. Nevertheless, the US authorities did not dispose of the aircraft, and now they are used by private individuals, or are in museums.



  1. American fighter Lockheed P-38 Lightning is also one of the most recognizable in the theater of war held during World War II. Over the years 5 was made a little more than 10 thousand copies of this war machine, and it should be noted that it is perfectly manifested itself in the battles over the Pacific Ocean. Unlike the others, US military aircraft of World War II Lockheed P-38 Lightning was distinguished by simple controls, and were very reliable, however, the flight range of the multipurpose fighter was very limited - only 750 kilometers, which is why the aircraft could operate only on its territory or as an escort aircraft (to increase range, additional fuel tanks were attached to it). The aircraft received the name multipurpose due to the fact that it could be used for almost any task - bombing, strikes against enemy ground forces, as its main purpose - to destroy enemy aircraft, and even as a reconnaissance aircraft due to its quiet sound.



  1. Heavy bomber Consolidated B-24 Liberator inspired real terror to his enemies. This is due to the fact that these US military aircraft of the Second World Carried an entire arsenal of bombs - the payload was more than 3.6 tons, which allowed large areas to be subjected to carpet bombing. The B-24 bomber was used exclusively in the military operations of the Second World War, both in Europe and for the bombing of the Japanese military contingent in the Pacific Ocean and during this time almost 18.5 thousand combat units were produced. Nevertheless, the plane had a huge drawback, consisting in its speed, which is only 350 kilometers per hour, which made it an easy target without a proper cover.



  1. The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, better known as the Flying Fortress, is one of the most famous American military bombers of the Second World War. The four-engine combat vehicle was terrifying at its mere appearance, moreover, the aircraft was so well designed that with a little repair it can still perform the assigned tasks. US military aircraft of World War II B-17s had a good cruising speed of 400 km / h, and, if necessary, it could be increased to 500 km / h. Nevertheless, an important feature of this bomber was that in order to get away from enemy fighters, it only had to climb to a great height, and for the B-17 it was almost 11 kilometers, which made it inaccessible to enemy forces.



  1. US military aircraft of World War II The Boeing B-29 Superfortress is perhaps the most famous. This is mainly due not to their number, and not even to their technical characteristics, but these combat aircraft were "famous" for the fact that they dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thereby using nuclear weapons for the first time. For their time, the speed of these heavy bombers was almost fantastic - 547 km / h, despite the fact that the planes were loaded with 9 tons of aerial bombs. Besides, US military aircraft of the Second World The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was practically inaccessible to enemy fighters, as it could move at an altitude of over 12 thousand meters. To date, out of almost 4 thousand combat aircraft produced, only one remains flight-capable, and that one makes its flights extremely rarely.


Marked US warplanes They are part of the great history, and despite the fact that today they are not exploited, they are the most recognizable in the world to this day.