Antonov An-168


An-168 - aircraft, based at An-148-100. Full name - AN-168ABJ (Antonov Business Jet). Air model is designed in OKB named after O. Antonov in Ukraine. In fact the plane is a modified version of a previously developed AN-148 with VIP-cabins. For the first time presented in 2010 in Kiev.

History of the AN-148

Representatives of the state enterprise Antonov design bureau had announced the intention to create an airliner An-168 enterprise-class on the basis of regional An-148. This information was announced Director of State Enterprise "Antonov" Dmitry Kiva told ARMS-TASS at the air show "Aviamir-21". Aircraft Market intended to Ukraine, Russia and the Western countries, the total volume in 50 copies.


Since the aircraft belongs to the business class, the furor will be created from the sales of the first 10 An-168. Many state institutions and individual enterprises will want to get at their disposal a similar aircraft. Demand will be due to the fact that domestic entrepreneurs are obliged to buy foreign aircraft. But this creates a problem with the efficiency of the operation of the aircraft as a whole: the availability of a small circle of relevant specialists (pilots, repairmen), repair and maintenance of the aircraft, registration. These causes directly affect the effective use.

Differences from the base taken as An-148-100

An air machine-168 compared with the base model has a number of differences. In particular, due to the fact that until 36 finalized fuselage frames, installed additional fuel tank capacity 470 kg, increased flight range. Now she is 7000 kilometers. Lifting capacity of the new wing of the aircraft increased due to the adopted proposal to establish winglets on the wing tips. Also on the general technical and flight characteristics of the positive impact by the use of composite materials in the construction. Because of this the total weight of the aircraft has decreased significantly.

Among the additional advantages of the new device is the possibility of a wide range of design solutions the internal situation of the aircraft. That is, the customer himself can realize their desires in the interior. This was made possible thanks to the fact that the interior is made of composite materials of high quality. The highlight is installed on board camera to inspect the front hemisphere. Image with it is served on the screen inside the cabin. Also installed equipment for high-speed Internet and DVD / CD-system.

The layout of the AN-168

The average number of beds planned for the aircraft designed for passenger 19, however, as a spacious cabin layout of the machine is made of materials, it can be used a variety of options for business jet. Elite Classic layout is designed to 12 places and Corporate Corporate Shuttle - 38 seats.

In comparison with the western production of business jets, the Ukrainian An-168 is characterized by the presence of unique opportunities. Due to the high position of the engines on the aircraft and the development of a special chassis, it has the ability to land not only on a standard runway, but also on a ground track in 1900 m. Instead of a conventional fuselage door, a ladder door was installed, which makes it possible to land the aircraft in places With poorly developed airport infrastructure. This, in turn, allows expanding the base of business flights in hard-to-reach regions.

An-168 characteristics:

  • Cruising speed (km / h) 800-870

  • Flight range with maximum load fee (km) 6240

  • Maximum altitude (m) 12200

  • Fuel consumption shuttle (kg / h) 1650

  • The required length of BVPP (m) 1900

  • Operating temperature (on the ground) -55 ... + 45

  • The landing category ICAO I, II, IIIA

  • Aircraft Resource

  • Calendar 30 years

  • Flight number 30000

  • The number of flight hours 80000


I think An-168 beautiful plane. I flew on it any time, and if it were possible, would be flying all his life. To be honest I have as much heart sinks when I read the negative reviews about this beautiful aircraft. I believe that our manufacturers have tried their best and better aircraft than the An-168 not find!

I flew to the An-168 without pleasure. It was summer in the cabin is very hot, but the landing and takeoff me very impressed. When the plane started to take off went jerks, as we continually fall into the pit, although the weather was sunny and cloudless. And when the pilots to land the plane, I was generally impressed. Once the landing gear touched the band, it seemed to me that I was throwing up out of the chair with the belts. In general, An-168 far from perfection.

I'm on the An-168 fly constantly. I really like this car, convenient and comfortable. In the forefront there are shelves at the wall, which records children's portable boxes for kids. The legs during the flight can be placed freely, only a small shelf for luggage. Planting fast comfortable, so do not bother. I always fly on this plane, and it is not going to change, and all the negative reviews, I just do not pay attention.

An On-168 we flew with his wife. Our experience terrible, constant noise was terrible to sit on the chairs uncomfortable, because my knees abut. Shelves for small luggage, so that all things do not fit. Well, I can only say one thing more terrible than the aircraft AN-168 I have not seen. Therefore it is better to fly on another aircraft.

I think we are talking about 148 or 158
en 168 this VIP arrangement and you are unlikely to fly it because it operates only in Russian regiment that serves Russian top officials)))

For high-ranking officials - their planes. Hate that ordinary citizens are beginning to forget. Aircraft foreign production budget and the middle class, for example, from a far better electronics than domestic counterparts. And that's a plus for the safety and comfort of passengers. aircraft manufacturers have to do our banking on a broader target audience.


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